♺ CLASS COMICS - Camili-Cat Love Lost #01 (Standard Edition)

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The evil Dr. Pupae has done quite a number on Camili-Cat and our hero's been drastically altered. He's been 'physically enhanced' on a molecular level, so now he's almost invulnerable. He's got sexy new body hair, a shorter haircut, a goatee and his cock's been circumcised!

But beyond all of that, Pupae has told Cam that he's killed Locus. No matter what physical tortures Cam's endured at the hands of Pupae, this revelation wounds him most of all. Filled with an almost unbearable sense of loss, Cam vows to clone Locus, thereby bringing him back to life.

He plans to steal cloning equipment from Nelvo Plour. Known as a particularly sadistic creep, Nelvo won't just give up his property, and Cam soon lands square in the gangsters' twisted clutches along with Ducky and Aza, two entertainers from the club who unwittingly get ensnared in his plans.

Can our hero escape Nelvo and see Locus live again? Perhaps... but he can't do this alone. He'll need to turn to Felicia and Imanno for help. And beyond bringing Locus back to life, Cam hopes that Felicia can turn her scientific knowledge toward the task of restoring him to his former self and undoing the damage Pupae has caused.

Will Cam manage to escape Nelvo? Will he ever again find himself in Locus' loving arms? Will he get his foreskin back? Camili-Cat: Love Lost #1 seeks to answer these questions in a raunchy new adventure that sets our favorite Felinoid on a bold and dangerous new path.

You might also want to check out the Shaved Edition, where Cam is as smooth as a baby's bottom, with only the hair on his head and under his arms! Cam is otherwise completely shaven, his rippling muscles bare of any extra follicles!

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