Lucas Knight & Nick Capra

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DescriptionAfter the excitement of their dadsÂ’ wedding, Andy and Lucas and their dads Mitch and Nick were settling into their new place nicely. Everybody was falling into a schedule, running off to work, sports, grabbing food on their way. Andy and Lucas were getting along really well. They were even on the same ball team. And Lucas could tell his dad was really happy with Nick. And honestly he couldnÂ’t blame him, he was a total babe. His rippling muscles, and gruff attitude, those big strong armsÂ… It was weird being attracted to his new father figureÂ… he was just LucasÂ’ step dad, but stillÂ… But he lived with it, and didnÂ’t let it get too awkward. Nick made his dad happy and thatÂ’s what counts.

Things really changed for the weirder one night though. Lucas woke up in the middle of the night to get some water, but as he was heading downstairs, he saw Andy getting fucked on the couch. Lucas was already growing a boner before he realized that the guy he was getting fucked by was his dad! WoahÂ… weirdÂ… but he couldnÂ’t tear my eyes from it. But thatÂ’s not where the weird ends, because Nick was on his way towards me to see if why I was awake. Lucas was speechless. Nothing he could say would stop Nick from seeing what was going on. Lucas just continued to stare in shock, thinking that Nick was going to lose it. He didnÂ’t though. He must have been startled for a minute, but it didnÂ’t bother him too much and after a second Lucas could feel NickÂ’s dick press against his ass through his briefs and his hands running over LucasÂ’ smooth young chest and down to his already hard dick. It was all so weird. But Lucas secretly had always wondered what getting fucked by Nick was like.

Nick was amazing and new exactly what he was doing. He got Lucas on his knees and made him suck that thick daddy dick. Then he threw Lucas on the bed and throated his new boyÂ’s big boner like a pro. He even teased and licked his new sonÂ’s balls, and then did the same with LucasÂ’ pulsing, hungry hole. By the time Nick stuck his dick into LucasÂ’ ass and thrust powerfully, Lucas was puddy in his hands. He couldnÂ’t wait for the next time theyÂ’d meet up in the middle of the night.

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