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[SC] Abe compilation

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DescriptionSean Cody's Abe's videos compilation.

(1) Abe
"So, you're fucking huge. How tall are you?" "Six foot three," Abe replied confidently. He is huge. For a 22 year old, he's got a lot of muscle on him! "You like to call yourself a meathead apparently, too..." "Definitely claim that," he said. "I used it a couple times yesterday!" "You're all muscle. What part of you isn't muscle?" "Probably my penis." He had a big smile on his face! "Ah ha… Smart one too!" Abe is just about to graduate from college. "I've got one semester left," he explained. "What do you want to do after you graduate?" "Probably get into a trade. Construction or something like that. Construction or maybe... I don't know... We'll see..." "So you're gonna be the guy with his shirt off, working on the buildings, cat calling people as they walk by?" "Absolutely!" he laughed. "Smokin' a stogie, 'Hey! What's up girl? Woof!!!' Yep....that'll be me!" - See more at: http://www.seancody.com/tour/movie/1402/abe/trailer/#sthash.f3Sm53l5.dpuf

(2) Abe & Joshua: Bareback
Well this is a nice surprise! After Abe’s first visit I was doubtful I’d see him again. He’s a self-professed “meathead” and to be honest I didn’t have high hopes that he’d want to stick his dick in another guy! “I want to give it a try,” he told me. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot!” Now a lot of guys would be really shy about this, but not Abe. He doesn’t do subtle. And when he finally met up with Joshua he wasn’t subtle then either. “Yeah, he’s cute!” he said with a smile. “I like.” Joshua was really happy too. I could tell he liked Abe. “He’s huge!” Joshua said. “He’s got muscles. I like muscles.” Joshua said that he was in the mood to be thrown around and just fucked silly. “I can do that!” Abe said with a deep laugh. “No problem!” - See more at: http://www.seancody.com/tour/movie/1521/abe-joshua-bareback/trailer/#sthash.mGSSy1z1.dpuf

(3) Abe & Ryan: Bareback
For a guy who I thought would never come back, Abe has turned into a really fantastic top! He’s enthusiastic, he’s powerful, and he’s passionate. Plus he has dick that doesn’t stop and he loves to satisfy his partners. And as for his partners, they’ve all been giving him rave reviews! I though for sure that Joshua had fallen in love with him, and now Ryan... “Oh my fucking god,” he said, like a little kid getting a new toy (OK maybe not exactly like that but you get the idea). “This is so much fun.” I could tell that Ryan was really enjoying himself. He’s a little power bottom and getting the shit fucked out of him by a hot muscle top really made for a very good day!

(4) Abe & Jayden: Bareback
“I could get used to this,” Abe said. “Just come on out, have some sex, and relax!” That’s what I love about Abe... he’s so easy going! “What do you think about Jayden?” I asked. “He’s fun!” Abe replied. “In fact, I even gave him a nickname... ‘fun size!’” Jayden laughed. “Why do you call him ‘fun size?’” I asked. “Well he’s smaller than I am,” he said. “I like that!” I could tell that Jayden liked Abe. Every time Abe’s dick went in, Jayden looked like he was in heaven!

(5) Abe & Charley: Bareback
Charley has had a crush on Abe for quite some time. “The first time I saw his video,” he said. “I was hooked.” So when he finally got to meet in Abe in person he was a little star-struck. “Wow... he’s even hotter in person!” Charley remarked. “He’s so big!” The two of them had a lot of fun together. I especially liked the reaction Abe got when he stuck his tongue in Charley’s ear!
(6) Abe & Brent: Bareback
Abe is such a big, muscular stud! I love his deep voice and how he just immediately took charge with Brent!

(7) Abe & Charlie: Bareback
Abe goes to town on Charlie!

(8) Spencer & Abe: Bareback

(9) Colt & Abe: Bareback

(10) Abe Returns to Pound Rusty
Abe has always been a force to reckon with ever since he started with us over three years ago. It took us some convincing but we were finally able to get Abe back in the game. I asked him what type of model we should pair him with and his only request was, “someone I can fuck through the walls!” I figured Rusty would be the perfect fit. Both models are jacked and love to fuck. Just once look at Abe and you can see that he’s been working out quite a bit. He’s doubled in size. It also seems that taking a little break really got him all horny and ready to fuck. These two go at it for a few hours and Abe really takes control and essentially directs his own film. When Abe wasn’t fucking a hole through Rusty, dirty talking, or slapping his ass, he was goofing off on set and making himself feel right at home. Everyone, welcome back to Abe!
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