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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-05-05 |
IMPORTANT NOTE TO STAFF (and everyone else): the site from which the photo galleries included in this torrent are drawn from (THEGayTeenStudio) is NOT to be confused with the site of the similar name (GayTeenStudio), the latter site being banned here.

TheGayTeenStudio is a *new* site - run by *different* people to the old banned site.

In addition to producing some new galleries, they have purchased those galleries from the old site which were legally available.

This is my second upload of galleries from this site, the first can be found here: https://www.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=167392

Unfortunately due to a limitation in my torrent program, not all the galleries that I intended to upload in that first torrent actually were uploaded and so you only got 2 galleries beginning with the letter E if you downloaded it. In this torrent you will find the other galleries beginning with the letter E, as well as those beginning with the letters F-H (actually G-H, because there are none (at least in my collection) beginning with the letter F).

Whilst preparing this torrent, I realised that one of the pics in Grisha's gallery is missing. Unfortunately I do not have this file.

Sadly I will NOT get time (at least not for some considerable time) to upload any more galleries from this site as I now want to spend most of my "porn time" looking for a new home for the TBW Fantasy Game as it's clear to me that despite there being quite a lot of guys who have an interest in the Game here (judging by their viewing habits), it will never take off here as I had hoped (very few guys take the fraction of a second it takes to vote for the fantasies that they like, let alone actually contribute a fantasy or two). I still believe that this Game can become popular with many more contributors (especially once I add new features to it), but sadly that probably won't happen here :(

Of course contributions to the Fantasy Game are still appreciated in the coming months whilst it remains at this site (it will almost certainly be several months before I relaunch it elsewhere). A contribution can be as simple as "liking" the fantasies that you do like.

("Liking" means clicking on the "thumbs up" icon *below* the posts you like). That's a great way to show your appreciation to guys who have posted fantasies that turn you on.

A contribution can also be as simple as a single sentence such as "I wish TBW videoed a threeway with Gosha and Emile from TGTS and TBW's own Edvin, with each boy taking turns to get spit roasted by the other 2". See how easy that was? I genuinely just came up with that idea now and although I didn't time it, it must have taken me about one minute to dream up and write.

You can find the List of Dreams here: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?topic=18206

Finally a massive 'thank you' from me to all the sexy boys of TGTS who were/are happy to show you what they've got before their youthful beauty gives way to (hopefully) a more handsome masculinity. :)


Every month there is the possibility of one or more models leaving the Teens-Boys-World website for good. That means no more photos and no more videos of that guy EVER! This month there might be AT LEAST 2 boys leaving! Both Dru and Samuel only have 1% of the public vote, which means they're a dead cert to leave the site forever unless YOU CAST YOUR VOTES FOR THEM. You do not need to be a member of their site to vote and you can vote for several guys in a single vote, but you can only submit one vote a month (unless you access the website again with a different IP address either using a different web browser or after clearing your cookies). (A simple way to get a different IP address would be to connect to a wifi signal, perhaps with your smartphone).

Samuel deserves to be saved because of his amazing ASSets - yes that's right - the most amazing, most squeezable, and the most fuckable ass (possibly in the whole TBW Galaxy). He's also a bottom who clearly loves being fucked. Don't deny him more TBW cock!

Dru deserves to be saved because TBW have few tops as it is and he's the only top I can think of who has made his bottom boy moan because his cock is too much to take even though Dru still made sure that he took it :-P He's also TBW's only top boy who enthusiastically laps up his bottom boy's cum, so save this fat dicked, lean bodied superlover along with his one-time partner Samuel by voting here: hxxp://teens-boys-world.com/best_boys/

(For info, boys currently with 2% of the vote and hence also very likely to leave the site for good (unless YOU VOTE) include blond uber-cutie Aaron, the always sexy and versatile Martin, the handsome boy who moans LOUDLY when he gets fucked Hayden, hung blond demi-god Feliks, and versatile angel-cum-sailorboy Jack - remember you can vote for all the boys listed here in one go as long as you tick their names before submitting your vote).

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