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Part four of the series with all the remastered 8mm loops that were included as bonus-extra scenes on Falcon Studios DVD-releases. Neatly assembled together and supplemented with additional info including original (and/or alternative) titles and promo descriptions.

See links below for the first three parts. Coming soon: Mustang / Horse series loops.

VL&F-04 - TELSTAR / BOB ANTHONY LOOPS - Total duration: 1:11

Scene 1 - Pool Table a.k.a. Little Sal & Big Tex (VI&E G-4, 1971) - 10:15
Young Sal meets an older Tex in a park, gets invited to his home and has a game of pool. Sal decides to excite Tex with a cue stick and pokes at a sensitive spot and before you could say "penis erectus" they were undressing. Shamelessly naked they go to it on the pool table using their erect sticks to knock their balls around. What a game they play!
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 056 Badlands DVD.

Scene 2 - Hot, Hard & Heavy a.k.a. Triple Climax (Telstar 320, 1971) - 11:02
Sam Rayburn and Scott Patrick two young sex-starved guys, try getting it on in almost every position possible with exciting sex action covering almost every imaginable sexual pleasure. Working on each other's body with hungry, untiring lust, both climax with exciting expression while shooting streams of their liquid love.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 029 Huge 1 DVD.

Scene 3 - More Than Nine Inches a.k.a. The Long One (Telstar 325, 1972) - 8:33
Jim Wilson and Ken Ames two incredibly hung models, explore each other's great endowment in one of their apartments. They are both uncontrollable as they plunge their gigantic cocks mercilessly into each other. Big and throbbing, these beautiful young studs find their full expression of sexual love and emotion as that pent-up gush of hot fluid flows from one to the other.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 031 Huge 2 DVD.

Scene 4 - My First Love (Telstar 326, 1972) - 10:18
The stars in this imaginative fuck film are Dave Rodgers and Walt Grayson. These two horny, exciting studs do their thing in a way guaranteed to arouse you. One shoots his hot load twice, then rams his still-hard member into his partner and unleashes yet another frenzy of love into his body. While being penetrated by this lust-filled member, his partner unleashes his pent-up load at the same time fingering himself.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 029 Huge 1 DVD.

Scene 5 - A Mouthful a.k.a. All American Boy (Telstar 327, 1972) - 11:09
Bruce and Todd are two handsome studs that really get it on while enjoying the sun at poolside. Bruce is so entranced by the sensuous, virile masculinity of Todd's body that he's irresistible attracted to him. Soon Bruce is feeling the fantastic sensation of Todd's huge implement being thrust into his throat. Bruce experiences the beauty of sharing Todd's rigid body by having Todd plunge into him anally in the wildest, erotic positions. Todd blows his load all over Bruce and Bruce in turn unleashes his endless flow.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 031 Huge 2 DVD.

Scene 6 - Lockerroom Game (Telstar 400, 1972) - 8:50
Jimmy is a young sensitive boy with a physical desire that he doesn't quite fully understand. While in the locker-room after a game of basketball, Rick and Jimmy are along changing. Before Jimmy know it their tantalizing innocent bodies are tangles in what must be some of the most enticing oral and anal action. Their untamed emotions soon bring them both to a spurting climax.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 031 Huge 2 DVD.

Scene 7 - Indian Dream (Telstar 401, 1972) - 10:34
Two fresh and healthy cowboys are the stars of this film. One young man rides up to meet the other on horseback and fantasizes a sexual relationship with his newfound friend. This film takes place in the wild outdoors and captures all the excitement generated when these young men completely cast aside all their inhibitions. You will see these horny get-it-on studs really get a workout as they find and explore the beauty of each other's bodies.
Loop taken from Falcon FVP 029 Huge 1 DVD.

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Loop boxes and info courtesy of: www.gayeroticvideoindex.com

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