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This is a DVD rip.  I have not had luck converting these files first but, some have asked so I will keep at it and try to upload them in .m4v format later.

From the official description:

Having a straight roommate isn't always easy on the nerves, but Zack is definitely easy on the eyes! Plus he's an exhibitionist!! Zack loves to be watched so he agreed to let me get up close and film his jerk off sessions. Now he likes to watch his own bad self!! STATS: 24 years old, 5'11", 190 lbs., Mediterranean good looks, Muscular with Tattoos, Police Officer in training and Harley HogBoy.

Midnight Nut

Zack comes home from a night out with the boys and pops in a porno. As he gets naked in the living room I grab the camera and start filming. He strokes his stiffening cock with both hands and soon it's rock hard. The glass of wine he's chuggin' and the screaming bitches drives him wild and he starts talkin' to himself - and to me. The phone rings (it's probably his girlfriend looking for him) just as he shoots a mother load on his chest. I follow him to the bathroom and watch him clean up. His dick is still rock hard.


Instead of preparing for a police academy exam the next day, Zack is streaming a porno flick on the computer. When I turn the camera on he pulls out his growing shaft, sheds his clothes and gets down to business. Passing his hard shiny piece from hand to hand, Zack strokes his slicked up cock as screams come from the digital whore on the monitor. Feeling his load nearing the finish line, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and blasts a nut all over the desktop. A+ for effort...

Lazy Afternoon

As I reach for the camera he grabs a stool and a glass of wine from the kitchen, picks out his favorite porn flick from the collection and settles down in the living room. Zack works his hardening cock through the tighty whiteys until it's at full swell then strips down (except for the socks). He strokes his lubed cock for a while (does he know that his moaning sounds mixed with the cries from the t.v. is driving me wild?!) He wants to be sure I don't miss filming his load so he asks me if it's ok to cum! After I give him the o.k. he spurts out a massive load on the carpet.

Secret Strokes

Zack tries not to wake me when he comes home late from a Harley ride but when I see the rec room door ajar I grab my camera. Flipping through the latest copy of PlayBoy, Zack unzips and starts to massage his cock, finally shedding his t-shirt and jeans. He shines up his throbbing cock as he checks out the bunnies and after working it real hard he explodes all over his chest. Did he know I was watching?

Zack Be Quick

Zack's horny again so I follow him into the rec room. The porn's already playing and he doesn't even take his clothes off - I can tell that this is gonna be a quickie. Slam! Bam! Thank you, Jenna! Zack shoots a stream across the room. 6 minutes flat! Maybe next time I'll get to touch it!!
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