My straight buddy - Action pack 2

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Devon, The Horny Marine (44 Min):
"Devon is a gruff-voiced country kid from South Louisiana. I haven't known him for a long timeā€¦no offense to him but he is really more like "My Straight Acquaintance". Or more accurately "My Straight Friend of a Friend". But he's a really cool guy and he had heard about guys getting taped over at my house and he is one of those men with a particular fetish about wanting to be taped. And I was more than happy to oblige him."
Best Friends & Roommates (36 Min):

"You've hung out with Marcus and Tanker before, and so you already know that these two hot country-fried marines are best friends and roommates in the barracks. Except for one month, they have spent pretty much every day together since boot camp, 2 years ago. So these guys are tight. Marcus and Tanker have been coming over a lot recently, mainly just to get out of the barracks. You'd think they'd want to get away from each other for a minute, but these guys are inseparable best friends. I knew they wouldn't give a fuck about jerking off in front of each other if I put a porn in, and both had hinted about how horny they were. It didn't even take any convincing, they were down. In fact they said they do it in the barracks all the time. Tanker says "We'll be playing Call of Duty and one of us is like, lets put a porn in." Marcus took the Fleshlight, and Tanker took the fake pussy, although he didn't use it much. My favorite part of this video is, after they're done, neither of them makes any move to put their clothes back on. That's par for the course in the nakedest room in the Naked House, but I still think it's hot. When I mentioned it, Marcus said he hadn't even noticed. That's the kind of casual comfort you get when you live with someone that close for that long."
Billy's Shower (36 Min):

"Billy is a young marine me in a bar one night some months ago, because he heard from some friends about all the wild parties I have at my place. He often comes back after the bar closes to have a good time, and of course we always end up naked in the hot tub so he is used to having his dick out at my house and doesn't think twice about it anymore. One night he was over before we went out, so he could leave his car here and we could cab it over to Whiskey Town. I thought the time was right to get this hot young marine on tape. Billy is 23 years old and has been in the fleet for 3 years. He's only been deployed once, on a M.E.U. (Marine Expeditionary Unit, a contingent of marines on a ship that can go wherever marines are needed). So of course I asked him a bunch of question about what it was like to be on ship, where they jerk off and so on. I thought for sure I was going to be able to get jerk off from Billy. Seems like everyone wants to jerk off at Joe's house these days, and at first I thought he was feeling it but, no. I tried lol."
Rick & Brennan Naked Wrestling (46 Min):

"After watching Robbie and Steve's amateur hour wrestling, Rick and Brennan decided to step up and show the kids how the men do things. Rick and Brennan are both much larger, and much more skilled, so this round is that much more intense. Robbie and Steve stuck around to watch, and although Robbie is giving out instruction the whole time I'm not sure Rick or Brennan were listening to anything he had to say, both of those guys seem to know what they're doing. If you wrestled either one of them you'd lose pretty quick, is what I'm saying, but you might not mind. Brennan is a 23 yo Marine from New Jersey. He and Rick have been buddies for years, and have deployed to Afghanistan together. You can tell when you watch the incredible chemistry between these two hot, muscular hunks--it's off the charts! Rick has a girlfriend and Brennan is married, but these two hot straight marines are totally comfortable being naked with each other. They all live together in Rick's house and they both assure Joe that it's just like this at home. Brennan may be all muscles, but Rick has the weight and the skills, and he easily takes down Brennan 3 out of 4 rounds. Hot and sweaty, they climb in the shower which is where things start to get really good!"
Naked BBQ (36 Min):

"A bunch of friends came over to enjoy my hot tub during a rare rainy spell...we stocked up on liquor, beer and meat and cranked up the good times. Tanker and Marcus took grilling duties and, not being one bit shy at all, stayed as butt-ass naked as they had been in the hot tub. It's a loud, busy party, and I apologize for all the noise and craziness but that's what a party is all about, right? Tanker in particular has an ass that just has to be appreciated, especially when he attempts to twerk it. That thing is amazing."
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