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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-08-17 |
This post focuses on the work of a Romanian muscle god of many
names, Iana Ionut aka Yumi Cosmin aka Yuri aka Lantana.

A previous post here featured Iana as Lantana for Jimmy Z,


but did not include the naked muscle shower and jerk off segments.
That omission is remedied in Clip #7 here.

Here is the musclebound lineup:

1. Iana on Webcam.mp4 [2:07]

  The short opening clip is a jerky webcam video that gives you an idea
  of just how big Iana really is as he flexes his huge guns while wearing
  a tank top.

2. Iana All Over for MuscleRomania.mp4 [12:08]

  Iana strips down and flexes for for his fans in the shower. Well, his
  fans aren't in the shower, but I bet they would like to be in there
  with all that naked bulging muscle.

3. Iana Alone in Bed in a Jockstrap.mp4 [7:41]

  Flexing and self-admiration and who can blame Iana. Posing and cocky
  muscle fun on his bed in a bulging jockstrap, playing to the camera
  and himself.

4. Melvin Worships Iana for Powermen.mp4 [25:59]

  Bodybuilding fan Melvin finds himself alone with Iana for a muscle worship
  session. Things start out peachy as Melvin admires, touches, tweaks and
  strokes all of the rippling muscles on Iana's massive physique. Melvin helps
  Iana strip down to total buck nakedness but must be a good boy and remain
  in his seat while Iana works up a sweat and masturbates right in front of
  him. Iana finally cums all over his own vascular forearm for Melvin, who is
  still seated. Poor Melvin.

5. Iana and Yakov for Powermen.mp4 [43:23]

  Lots of huge naked muscle in this clip featuring two behemoths who start
  their muscle extravaganza stripping down and flexing in the bedroom. The
  clothes come off as they shower and flex in the bathroom as naked as mother
  nature intended. All squeaky clean, the boys head to the gym for an oiled-up
  muscle pumping and mutual worship session. The two finish themselves off
  watching some porn in the lounge, jerking off together and dumping their
  loads on the coffee table. A surprise for the cleaning staff.
6. Iana and Farris and Nemeth for Powermen.mp4 [34:38]

  This popular and almost famous clip features Iana and his two muscleboi
  friends stripped down to their trunks, boxing and wrasslin' in the ring.
  All three get out their long and hard horny cocks and jerk off together
  in a steamy hot shower scene you'll never forget.
7. Iana as Lantana for Jimmy Z.mp4 [56:03]

  Iana appears superbly bulked up as Lantana for a shoot with Jimmy Z. He lifts
  heavy things, putting on a fully pumped muscle display for the loving camera.
  Iana finishes the JZ session showering and wanking, ending with a creamy jiz
  finish on the glass coffee table, filmed from below.

All the clips are in their original size which is SD, not HD.
The muscle mayhem with Iana runs for 3:01:59. Enjoy the journey!

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