Hairy toned stud Ryan Fargo collection [GuyBone]

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DescriptionI stumbled across a video with Ryan Fargo and instantly started looking for more!

This torrent contains a collection of videos from GuyBone. All of them are full-length, except the solo video (possibly). If you love hairy, toned guys, this is a torrent for you! Unfortunately it's not every video, so if you have any that aren't listed here, please upload!

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Bio from GuyBone website:
Ryan is one of the fuzziest, most adorable models on Covered in dark, soft hair, Ryan's toned little body is absolute perfection. From his shaggy, surfer hair to his scruffy beard, tight tummy and ass, and rock hard cock with loose, bouncing balls, Ryan is one sexy stud!

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'8''
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos: Yes
Dick Size: 8.5''
Body Hair: Hairy
Dick: Cut
Facial Hair: Beard
Position: Versatile
Piercings: Yes

The videos in this torrent are as follows (descriptions via the GuyBone website):

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Lance Benett - Ryan Tops Lance [2012] [20:01]
A couple years ago, we filmed two guys together for the first time. Ryan and Lance. Both on the shorter side, fur-covered bodies, hard-dicked and horny, these guys were a perfect match. They thought so, we thought so, and clearly you thought so because their first scene, Ryan Tops Lance, rocketed to the number one selling spot on our site. They were unbeatable. So it's only fitting that we had a reunion. Only this time, they switch roles and we give you Lance Tops Ryan. And it's so fucking hot, there's an extra 10 minutes of footage, giving you more fuck for your buck!

For his oodles of fans, Ryan Fargo is about to bottom for the first time on our site. It's not been seen before. He's versatile, but only topped on his last visits. This is a special scene indeed. Getting these two back together was scheduling heaven, and having Fargo willing to get fucked by Lance was so hot!

The fuzzy studs start with some ridiculously sexy making out to rekindle their spark. Doesn't take long for Lance's cock to stiffen and for Ryan to pull it out and start sucking it. Watching Ryan Fargo suck a dick is one of my favorite things in this world. He's a total pro. But he's so masculine and doesn't come across as gay, that it's always like watching a straight dude suck dick. But suck it really well. The best thing you could ever watch. Clearly, Lance's dick agrees. I love watching him pull it down then snap it on his stomach. His dick gets harder than any other I've worked with. So incredibly boned.

No fear, Lance sucks Ryan's pierced cock, too, but what he really can't get enough of is eating out that hairy hole of Fargo's. He loves it! Rubbing his wet, pink tongue around on the hairy entrance, burying his cute face in Ryan's tight butt cheeks. It all just makes Lance's dick that much harder. Ryan is more than happy to blow it some more while Lance drowns himself in Fargo's bushy asshole.

Ryan climbs on Lance's ever-ready erection and eases the stiff tool into his tight man hole. You can definitely tell that Ryan prefers to top, watching his face grimace and hearing his moans of discomfort as he takes that super boner in his near-virgin ass. Just makes it that much hotter to watch (and for Lance to experience). After getting loosened up a bit, Lance bends Ryan over and drills his ass from the edge of the bed. Then some hot missionary lets us get a good look at Lance's big balls as they swing against Ryan's butt. And it's hard to beat the view of a rock hard cock sliding in and out of Fargo's hairy, SPUNK lubed asshole.

Listening to the noises these two make together gets me rock solid. They both sound so animalistic and brut. We're seeing men in their most primal state, fucking and spreading their seed. The grunts and barks and woofs are insanely arousing. Especially when they both cum, which they do fantastically. Fargo is first, kissing Lance furiously, tongues darting and flicking, he busts a nice, thick, white load into his dark tummy fuzz. Then with the help of more mad hot passionate kissing, Lance joins his costar in ecstasy when he shoots a big nut across his stomach and up to his chest.

These two guys have already proven their on screen chemistry is not to be rivaled, except maybe by themselves with a second scene. Here's hoping this follow-up climbs the charts and meets its predecessor at the top where it belongs!

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo - Ryan's Solo [2012] [09:39]
Ryan Fargo is one of our newest, sexiest models. He's also the furriest. This stud may come in a small package, but he packs one helluva punch (just ask any of his costars).

Ryan is almost as shy as they come, at first meeting. But it seems his inhibitions are shed with his clothes, because every time he gets naked, he becomes a sex machine.

Because he was an out-of-state model, we did things a little out of order with Ryan. I mean, he'd already flown here, so he was either going to be able to perform on camera or he wasn't, right? Hence, we saved filming his solo until after he'd already shot a handful of action scenes. My instincts were correct, Mr. Fargo had no trouble whatsoever performing on camera, and because he no longer required an "audition", this solo scene was simply filmed for the fun of it. Ryan gets hard at the drop of a hat, so anytime I want to film, he's "up" for it.

I have to take a moment to talk about the amount of hair on this guy. Normally, extremely fuzzy men don't do it for me, but there's something about the way Ryan wears his fur that just turns me on (as well as plenty of others). From the shaggy surfer hair on his head that's always slightly in his big blue eyes, to the neatly tangled treasure trail leading from chest to groin, Ryan rocks every strand of his body hair. His straight-as-an-arrow 8.5" dick towers from a nest of brown pubes, his dangling balls are covered with curly wonders, and his ass and legs are perfectly painted with dark hair.

He was already rock hard when I began filming (see the drop of a hat comment above). It was a matter of moments before his fly was unbuttoned and his boner was poking out of his boxers. He stroked with pure enthusiasm, clearly one of those guys who loves the feel of pleasuring himself. As one of those guys who loves watching other guys jerk off, I was hard in an instant watching Ryan strip down to his hairy birthday suit and continue jacking.

After a handful of positions, Ryan was aching to cum and I couldn't bare to make him edge any longer. He pounded his cock until he blasted a hot load into his soft tummy hair. Then, he did what every guy loves to see another guy do. He raked up a glob of jizz with his finger and slowly dripped it onto his hungry tongue. I'll bet his cum tastes fantastic, because the rest of him is fucking delicious.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Gus Maddoxxx - Ryan Tops Gus [2012] [20:01]
What are the odds of these two getting together for this scene? Shortly after filming his solo, Gus moved across the country and we didn't think we'd ever get him on the site again. Turns out, all we had to do was ask (and offer him a fucking hot costar like Ryan Fargo), and he was on the next flight back!

Gus met up with us at San Francisco Pride and spent the afternoon getting to know Ryan, both of them in their underwear, taking pics with fans and handing out free rentals to the crowd. Let's just say, the chemistry was undeniably hot. Unfortunately, so was the sun, and these two both got a little burned, as you'll see.

Sunburns didn't stop these two from getting together the next day to film. They started with some long-awaited making out that led to Ryan pulling out Gus' already-stiff dick and sucking on it. From there, Gus slid Ryan's hard pole out of one of his boxer short legs and blew him.

I loved the humor these two had with each other, always cracking jokes on set. Not only was the sex insanely hot, the guys were smiling and having fun with each other as well.

I didn't have to remind Gus to be vocal for his first action scene - he was moaning and swearing like a sailor with every thrust of Ryan's long boner. It was also nice seeing a noticeable difference between the two models. Ryan is short and skinny and Gus is tall and beefy. Seeing Ryan mount and ride Gus was like watching a fucking hot rock climbing expedition. Hearing Gus whimper for more of Ryan's cock, I could tell this was exactly the vacation he'd been craving.

After a great screw, the two studs settled in next to one another and jerked out impressive loads. Hurrying Gus to the airport after the shoot was the cherry on top, knowing we were sending him home with a nicely fucked hole, a feeling of ecstasy, and great memories of an amazing Pride weekend.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Axel Flint - Ryan Tops Axel [2012] [21:01]
Axel Flint gets his first action scene by bottoming for Ryan Fargo. Two hot names. Two hot guys. One very hot fucking.

These two wasted no time getting to it, starting with some heavy petting and making out. Ryan was the first to reveal a cock, pulling Axel's growing rod from his jeans. He divided his attention between sucking, rimming, and fingering. Axel moaned in anticipation, ready for Ryan's big dick to plow his ass.

To get his costar nice and hard, Axel took Ryan's fuzzy nuts in his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue, then slid his wet lips up Ryan's shaft, taking in the head of his dick, then burying the entire erection in his throat.

Ryan wasn't done sucking dick either, quickly taking his turn on Axel's hard as rock cock. He twisted his fist as he sucked and jerked, then introduced Axel to his signature move, grazing the head of Axel's cock across his prickly beard. Axel went crazy, as all of Ryan's costars do, and was now officially ready for the taking.

After some deep-dicking in doggie-style, Ryan flipped Axel on his back and entered him completely. The Seated Missionary morphed into the Shoulder Holder and Ryan pounded Axel's prostate as hard as he could.

Axel was ready to take his turn at the reigns as he jumped on Ryan's lap and rode his cock like a bucking bronco. Ryan made sure to spread Axel's ass cheeks apart so I could see his tight pink hole being opened by Ryan's massive erection. Axel slid up and down on Ryan's greased pole, moaning in sheer ecstasy.

Ryan wanted one more good, hard go at Axel's welcoming ass before they finished, so he threw him against the wall and rammed him from behind. Axel turned over his shoulder, begging to be kissed, and Ryan obliged by shoving his tongue deep down Axel's throat while continuing to screw.

The time to cum had come and Axel was up first. He sat on Ryan's stiff dick again, because why wouldn't you want to feel that as you blast your load? He shot a nice, thick, gloppy load into Ryan's furry happy trail, then assumed the position to receive Ryan's nut. Ryan stood over Axel, shooting his seed onto his costars eager lips. Axel licked the last drop of jizz from Ryan's piss slit before Ryan bent down, licked his own cum from Axel's lips, and kissed him hard on the mouth.

Axel Flint could not have picked a better first costar than Ryan Fargo. And these two could not have produced a better, hotter, more perfect scene.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Irish - Irish & Ryan Blow [2012] [20:07]
I swore to myself the next time I filmed Irish it would be him fucking an eager bottom. But, as fate would have it, before we could find said eager bottom, we found another top who wanted to film an oral scene with Irish.

That other top was new, fuzzy stud, Ryan Fargo, and after meeting at our kick-off underwear party, both guys had boners for one another. Who was I to stand in the way of these two sucking each other off?

They got each other naked pretty quick, dicks raging hard, and started the suck fest. Ryan couldn't seem to take Irish's cock deep enough down his throat. Talk about insatiable!

The guys were too horny to take turns, so they 69'd for a bit. There's little I love more than watching a hot blow job, let alone two in simultaneous progress. Two hot, wet mouths, licking and sucking on stiff, throbbing dicks. Yum.

I had Irish sit on the footboard and Ryan got on his knees to pleasure his costar orally. He brought out the big guns, his trademark move, in which he rubs the head of the cock along his scruffy beard. Irish was moaning in delight at the feeling of all those little hairs prickling his prick. Then Ryan went a little further, rubbing Irish's shaft in his nest of dark, soft chest hair. I'm surprised Irish didn't cum on the spot.

The two wanted to try a position we hadn't yet seen, so Ryan sat on the nightstand, legs spread, and Irish knelt on the bed, dangling over the edge to suck Ryan's rock hard cock and lick his hairy balls. I loved hearing Ryan direct his costar to "deep throat that" - very hot when models are vocal.

When the two studs had sucked enough, Irish lay flat on his back and Ryan straddled him. Ryan bust a hot, thick load all over Irish's chest and stomach, which Irish quickly scooped up and used as lube to get himself off. He bust an impressive nut as well and the two collapsed in ecstasy.

I promise to one day get Irish in an anal scene, not only because he wants to top, but because I want to see him top. We'll find that eager bottom yet, but until we do, I'm not complaining. As long as there are hotties like Ryan Fargo who want to swap head, Irish will just have to keep his blow job crown a little longer.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Felix Martel - Felix & Ryan Flip [2015] [35:00]
Site superstar Ryan Fargo and rising favorite Felix Martel join forces (and lots of body hair) to bring you this incredibly hot flip fuck scene! They had so many sparks, we ended up with an extra 15 minutes of footage! That's more fuck for your buck!

They start off on the bed, kissing sexily, their dark beards almost blending into one. Fargo’s magic tongue soon finds its way to Felix’s sensitive neck and as he licks that erotic zone, Felix’s legs twitch and spasm in ecstasy.

Shirts get pulled off to reveal two ridiculously furry chests. Brunette curlies running from neck to nipples to happy trail and exploding from armpits. Hair heaven. Ryan slides off his shorts and Felix drops down on his already rock hard pierced cock like it’s his job. Well, at this moment, it kind of was. It didn’t look like a chore, though, as Felix teased that stiff shaft with his ruby lips and wet tongue. He bobbed up and down on Fargo’s dick and instantly, I was hard.

The bi guy in Felix said he’d rather get head than give, so off came his pants and down went Fargo to suck some dick. Ryan’s talented mouth got Felix’s dick thick and firm in no time flat. Shortly after, I requested to see the guys 69 because it’s always more fun when everyone’s getting their dicks serviced. I love during a 69 session when the guy's balls fall against your nose. Getting to whiff those manly nuts while you suck a stiff dick is the best! And then getting to taste them! Fucking hot!

Fargo wanted to give Felix a stellar suck job, so he had Felix relax back on the bed while he blew him more. Watching Fargo deep throat that throbbing cock and tickle Felix’s balls with his tongue was almost too much for me. After he’d finished, he kicked back and let Felix work on his boner some more as well. Felix worked diligently, aggressively, ensuring Fargo’s dick enjoyed his blowjob, keeping that dick rock hard for the impending fuck. Ryan did the same for Felix’s dick, massaging and tugging on it while he received head. Both boners were big and hard. I was just as ready as they were to get to the screwing.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Zeke Johnson - Ryan Tops Zeke Raw [2015] [25:02]
Try not having a huge grin spread across your face in addition to the big boner in your pants while watching this scene. It’s impossible. Ryan and Zeke are so fucking irresistible. These two were destined to film together. Two site favorites, hairy as can be, sexy beasts who have an insatiable love for fucking. And kudos to Zeke for getting Ryan to film his very first bareback scene! We’ve been waiting a long time to see Fargo rip off the rubber and screw raw! It was so hot for both of them, they ended up with 5 extra minutes of footage! That’s more fuck for your buck!

The bearded boys cuddled on a love seat, sexy bare feet showing, their soft lips locked in a passionate kiss. Shirts came off, furry chests were revealed. Hands slipped inside pants and dicks got hard. Rock hard. Quickly. Fargo’s boner was first to be released and it stood taller and prouder than ever before, his piercing glimmering in the light. Zeke took a taste of his cock, then kissed him, then helped him out of his jeans so he could better suck him.

Ryan’s low hanging balls dangled down by the love seat cushion while his dick rose toward the ceiling. Zeke gulped it down his throat best he could, but the look on his face proved this dick might be too big for him. Fargo watched intently, no doubt getting more turned on by the suck show before him.

Ryan moaned and rubbed Zeke’s back. He was totally loving the slobber job from his cub costar. His nuts tightened then relaxed, pulling up then falling down, every time Zeke hit a sensitive spot. Ryan’s furry armpits got my dick stiff as steel as I watched him getting sucked by Zeke. His pubes, his chest hair, his leg fuzz. All of it, so masculine. And Zeke’s ass, presented to the camera as he gave head, was as hairy as can be. For someone who used to not be into any body hair, I’ve made up for the error in my ways with these two mini Sasquatch.

Before I knew it, Zeke was standing and Ryan was blowing him. Zeke ran his fingers through Fargo’s dark tangle of chest hair and played with the back of his head. Ryan’s wet mouth got Zeke’s pierced cock nice and firm as it worked the entire thick shaft. His own hardon still raged below, stabbing the sky from his seated position.

Zeke leaned over the love seat and pushed his juicy butt into Ryan’s hungry face. Ryan buried his tongue in that sweet, hairy ass and both guys were fucking loving the rim session. Fargo flicked his slippery tongue around that entrance and then rubbed his beard across it, driving Zeke wild. He got it super wet and loose, ready for his cock to fuck it raw.

Zeke laid on his back, legs spread for Fargo to enter him fully. Fargo did just that. And without warning, he began thrusting rapidly. Zeke complained none and instead, beat his meat furiously and encouraged Fargo to thrust faster. It seemed like they’d been waiting just as long to film this scene, to feel each others flesh, to come together as one hairy being. Zeke’s dick was so fucking hard I thought it might burst. Ryan fucked him fast, then slow, then fast again. They were so in sync with each other.

With SPUNK Lube situated perfectly atop the love seat, center screen, it was clear they loved having it be the only thing covering Fargo’s cock. His bare dick sliding in and out of Zeke’s fuzzy asshole was driving them both wild. With all the touching, fondling, and petting they were doing, they were driving me wild as well.

Zeke knelt in doggie and let Fargo pile drive him from behind. Seeing the nice veins on his shaft disappear then reappear as he fucked him was so insanely hot. Zeke pulled his beefy butt cheeks apart so I could get a great view of the penetration. Sexy, hairy motherfuckers. They were standing now and with each hump from Fargo, Zeke’s bodacious booty rippled with delight. Ryan was giving it all he had, that little stallion. Zeke loved every inch of his manhood and opened his perfect hole to accommodate that wonderful rod.

He got on his back for the final position and let Fargo fuck him as hard as he wanted. Zeke jerked his own cock until he came, shooting a hot load onto his own furry tummy. Both boys moaned and rallied him to the finish line. He milked the last drops of cum from his piss slit and let his dick flop down while Fargo raced to join him in orgasm. He fucked him for a few more seconds then pulled out and unloaded his balls on top of Zeke’s spilt seed. Hot, white cum coated Zeke’s happy trail and as Fargo stroked his still stiff dick, both guys sighed in satisfaction. This was a momentous occasion, getting our two hairiest models together and getting Ryan to bareback for the first time. Sweet, sexy success.

* [GuyBone] Ryan Fargo & Roy Gardner - Roy Tops Ryan [2015] [20:01]
Grab your joysticks, it’s time to play some games with Ryan Fargo and Roy Gardner! These two hairy hotties were busy battling it out on screen when Ryan had to readjust his… other… controller. Roy took notice out of the corner of his eye. After it happened again, Roy got up the nerve to start playing along. Suddenly both guys were grabbing at their crotches, pulling and tugging their growing cocks just beneath the fabric, teasing each other with handfuls of genitals, mounting the sexual tension in the room.

When Fargo knew his strategic move had worked, he turned off the tv and moved over to the more fun game that was about to go down. He laid a super sexy, soft kiss on Roy, their dark beards scruffing against each other. He kissed his bro gently, testing Roy’s limits, tongues rubbing one another. He kneaded his knuckles on the fly of Roy’s jeans, helping stiffen Roy’s throbbing dick. Ryan knew what he wanted, Roy’s boner in his ass, and he was about to make his bud want it just as bad.

He pulled open Roy’s jeans and put his hand down his pants. He rubbed his dark fuzzy happy trail and then guided Roy’s hardon out through the fly of his boxer briefs. With a backwards turn of his hat, Ryan swallowed Roy’s hard cock the entire shaft length. Just one bud helping out another. Hot when dudes get horny playing video games and just need a release, right?

Roy kicked back in the leather chair after removing his shirt. Those perfectly hard nipples, his masculine hairy pits, it was all so hot to behold. The look on his face and the heavy breathing said Roy wasn’t completely sure about letting Ryan do this, but it felt so good to have that bearded mouth wetting his pulsating cock that he didn’t dare stop him. Instead, he got even more comfortable as Ryan serviced his towering erection that rose out of his fly like a skyscraper. Fargo’s ruby red tongue glistened as it slid across the perfectly straight shaft of Roy’s rod.

Having pulled his own growing cock out of his shorts, Ryan stroked himself as he sucked his buddy. After getting Roy’s dick nice and wet, he stood up and pulled down his shorts, offering his handsome dick to his friend, seeing if he’d take the bait and return the favor. Sure enough, Roy did. Without hesitation, he slid forward on his chair and wrapped his fist around Ryan’s boner. He licked the tip with his tongue and then plopped the head in his mouth. Just one bud helping out another. He sucked not with a ton of experience, as to be expected from a bicurious boy, but rather with a natural curiosity of what his costars skin lollipop tasted like. He must have enjoyed the taste cause he kept on coming back for more. Fargo’s cock sprang to life from semi chub to rock fucking hard once Roy’s mouth started showing it attention. He gently encouraged Roy to try deepthroating his long, sexy shaft by placing his hand on the back of Roy’s head. Roy’s own hardon still stood very tall and very proud in his open jeans down below. Clearly everyone was digging the new game they’d decided to play.

Ryan got rid of his tank and exposed everyones favorite furry chest. His dark curly hair is out of this world hot. And his tight little toned body wears it so well. After some more hot sucking from Roy, Fargo stepped out of his shorts altogether and helped Roy up out of the chair. It was actually kinda sexy cute watching innocent, inexperienced Roy be coached by his bud Ryan. Ryan helped Roy out of his pants and underwear and then moved over to the other chair and bent over it. He was presenting his ass. Roy knew what Ryan wanted, and now he wanted it, too.

He rolled on a condom and lubed up with SPUNK and very slowly eased his thick dick into Fargo’s hairy asshole. Fargo wiggled onto it, opening his tight hole up for Roy to enter fully. Roy took it slow, absolutely soaking in the feeling of a dude's ass, no doubt a totally different sensation from the holes this bi guy is used to fucking. Fargo reached between his legs and tickled Roy’s hairy nuts as he screwed him softly. At one point, Fargo had to take a breather. Roy, the polite pothead, asked if he was alright and Fargo assured him he was. Both their rock hard dicks spoke volumes as to just how alright they both were. After that quick break, Fargo grabbed Roy’s cock and shoved it back into his butt. Watching Roy’s swollen red shaft slide in and out of Ryan’s ass was heaven. That lengthy cock looked to be filling Ryan’s entire insides. He was not complaining now, he was moaning in pleasure, fully enjoying that girthy cock.

After a nice rhythmic fuck in doggie, Roy sat on the chair and let Ryan climb aboard his raging hardon. He put his feet on Roy’s athletic thighs for support, hoisting himself onto that big ole dick. He slid down onto it, feeling Roy’s manhood invade his ass. And then the vocals really started. Ryan moaned like he’d never moaned before, riding up and down on his bud’s boner. His own cock was still very stiff, bouncing up and down with each glide. Roy lifted Ryan’s body up from under his knees, giving me a spectacular view of the penetration. The two guys rocked back and forth, Roy’s hardon driving into Fargo’s warm, hairy hole with purpose. Both sets of balls were taught and churning for explosion. Roy gave Ryan a reach around as he fucked his ass.

The boys traded places again for their final position, missionary with Fargo on his back in the chair, Roy standing and hammering into his hole. Fucking like this, Roy was probably able to go deeper than he had yet. Ryan could feel it, too. The full extent of his bud’s erection. They both moaned as they picked up speed and headed toward orgasm. Fargo came first, pumping out a hot, white load onto his stomach fur. Roy kept fucking him to help finish the feel good moment. Then he pulled out and Ryan jerked him off. Nothing like having a bro stroke your dick to completion for you. Ryan beat his cock til Roy shot his load on top of Ryan’s own nut. The two batches of boy butter commingled into one delicious looking pool in Fargo’s fur. Said it before, will say it again, just one bud helping out another.

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