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The guys are in the classroom waiting for the instructor. They are caught in hot conversation sitting on the desks when the instructor arrives with anger and gives them a surprise exam. One guy finishes his exam before the rest of his class and heads off to a friend's house for help with a workout on his friend's exercise equipment. They start their workout which quickly turns erotic, full of cock workship and intense fucking in several positions. They end the workout with big loads of cum from their uncut tools and a big splash in the pool.

Back at the classroom, almost everyone finished the exam and were getting ready to go out and hook-up with friends. Two of the guys joined another couple at their house for drinks and hot conversation which leads up to a living room full of steam sex as both couples get it on with their partners at the same time. They put on a great show for each other as they get their hard juicy cocks sucked and tight holes pounded until they all explode with the ultimate release.

Back at the classroom, more students finish the exam and leave to meet friends for a workout on their new cycling equipment which later leads to a hot 3-way in the TV room. They get into hot kissing, sucking and non-stop fucking. No one is left out in this 3-way! They all get equal action and release big loads of manmade cream.

They all meet up at an awesome night club where everything goes! The guys quickly use the beat of the music to seduce the other and pair up with the guy they want to fuck. The dance floor is transformed into a total "Fuck-Fest" with supreme cock worship as well. A pig bottom among all of the guys is lured aside for an intense gang-bang as he services them all as well. The pig bottom gets showered with cum from all of the guys after his tight little hole has taken in all of the uncut meat it can handle.

Starring: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti May, Gregor Benedek, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel.

Directed by: Oliver Magyar


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