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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-30 |
Dir.:  Roman Hysek.  Euro twinks, bareback, 39 min. complete.  Debut of Peter Azur.

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From the writer Dennis Cooper�s blog entry on Man�s Best:


This collection of shorts was the first official release from Mans Best to feature Peter Azur. His scene looks better in screengrabs than in it does motion. He doesn't yet display the goofy mugging that would become a key part of his performing arsenal. Here he seems game enough and does his part, but his face looks unashamedly disinterested.

Floppy haired Czech porn star Peter Azur was top dog in the stable of sub-twink performers for Prague-based company Man's Best over two or three years in the early 1990s. Facts are hard to come by, but the story goes that, like the majority of Man's Best actors, Azur was discovered while working Prague's celebrated hustler bar circuit. Combining more than passably teen idol looks, a slutty if laconic, depressurized demeanor in the sack, a willingness to mold himself to any model the company threw at him, man-sized equipment in the front, a butt so innocent looking but devouring it made sword swallowing seem more like nail biting, and a flair for physical comedy, Azur was as close to being a porn character actor -- think a gay, nymphomanical ... mm, John Candy in a slim 'heart throb's' body -- as the medium can contextualize without losing its focus.

He starred or co-starred in approximately a dozen films for the company before overfamiliarity hastened his retirement. In the mid-90s, Man's Best videos were discovered by American and European porn consumers, creating something of a sensation due to their videos' combination of youthful models and wildly unsafe sex. This was a few years before twink bareback porn became de rigeur on the market. The Man's Best video that caused the biggest sensation of all was 'Boy Crash,' one of Azur's earlier vehicles and a title that had gone out of print a couple of years before. Screengrabs from 'Boy Crash,' and Azur in particular, were so hotly traded and discussed online that Man's Best not only reissued 'Boy Crash' and every o.o.p. video in which Azur had appeared, they put out two collections of Azur's screen tests, shorts, and outtakes under the titles 'Azur Eyes 1 and 2.' They even brought Azur back to star in a new video. This new, mature Azur lacked the floppy haircut and baby fat filled face that had been so key to his appeal, and his fanbase took a quick glance then looked the other way, sending the title straight into the remainder bin and forcing Azur back into obscurity.

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