Defiant Productions: WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT

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DescriptionAnthony swoops down on Dan's hard-on in a second & doesn't come up for air. Dan just lays back, bites his lip & savors every motion of Anthony's hot mouth.

Dan Doe & Anthony

Dan starts this scene by telling us that Anthony is going to suck on him and maybe cum on him. Anthony looks very pleased by that announcement and he can’t wait to get started. He’s got his pants pulled down with his hard dick in hand and he waits eagerly for Dan to pop that cock head out from his boxer briefs. “So you all want to see Anthony suck my dick?” It’s like someone fired the starting pistol. Anthony swoops down on Dan’s hard-on in a second and he doesn’t come up for air for several minutes. Dan just lays back, bites his lip and savors every motion of Anthony’s hot mouth.

Ryan & Bradley Shaw & Nate

The stepbrothers are “just chillin” when Nate come in and joins them on the couch. They’re all watching porno with their hands down their pants, making jokes about the movie and Bradley becomes the clown of the group, slapping his dick around and laughing with his feet in the air. They’re having a good time with each other.

Bradley sighs and leans over to take his little stepbrothers cock in his mouth. Nate takes hold of BradleyÂ’s dick and sucks it deep. Ryan takes BradleyÂ’s dick and sucks on it nice and slow, which brings Bradley right to the edge and he blows a good load all over RyanÂ’s stomach.

Adam & Geoffrey

Geoffrey gives AdamÂ’s cock and balls a really good tongue bath in this scene and they both love every second of it. Geoffrey seems to give amazing head by the look on AdamÂ’s face and the moans coming out of his mouth. He just feasts on the young skaters cock and balls like a starved animal. Of course, Adam gets his shot at bringing GeoffreyÂ’s cock to full mast, and they switch back and forth a few times before Adam gets on his back, puts his legs over GeoffreyÂ’s shoulders, and takes the guys dick all the way up his ass. This guy seriously pounds Adam. This is a really hot scene with two really hot and horny skaters.

Brett & Kyle

These two guys share a flat in the Height district of San Francisco. Brett, the blonde straight guy, was approached by the director to do a solo scene. On the day of the shoot he brought his curious gay roommate, Kyle, along to check out the experience. What followed that day was very real and somewhat innocent (we think Kyle had it planned). Kyle has obviously had a crush on Brett for a while. There are some performance anxiety issues in this scene as they are both nervous and excited about what’s happening, but there is a very sweet and playful nature between these two that is hard to ignore. When they do finally get hard, it’s very, very hot. While Brett is getting his dick sucked he says, “I never thought guys could be so good. My girlfriend doesn’t even do it as well, and I thought she was a pro. Guess that makes you a master.” Kyle says, “You’ve got a nice big thick cock,” when he comes up for air. Just keep sucking it.
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