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DescriptionDustin :
18-year-old straight boy Dustin works construction and makes money on the side as a go-go dancer at a gay club, so he's pretty secure with his sexuality. He even pops wood as soon as Franco starts strapping him down. This is going to be fun! Dustin's face and chest turn red as Franco tickles his smooth sides and armpits. He emits a high-pitched, breathless laugh as Franco tickles him all over his naked body. Every sensation is newer and more interesting to Dustin than the next. He giggles with pleasure as burly Franco tickles his exposed body, and he foolishly helps Franco slip off his size 12 boot.

Dalton :
Tall, slender college kid Dalton is crazy ticklish and has size 10 1/2 feet. Franco slips him into a pair of long, tight dress socks, straps him down and binds his wrists with duct tape for his first professional M/M tickling. He's calm at first, but once the tickling begins, watch out! Franco finds all his spots, tickling Dalton with his fingers, mouth and tongue before giving Dalton a break and blowing him. He sucks Dalton's dick and tickles him until Dalton doesn't know what to feel. Watch Dalton's toes curl as Franco sucks and jacks him off, edging him before another round of foot tickling. When Dalton finally is allowed to cum, Franco uses his jizz to tickle his big, sensitive feet. And it's still not over... by a long shot!

Caesar :
Caesar follows Franco's instructions to remove his clothes and stand next to the tickling table. Franco wraps four duct tape bonds around the former gymnast and cheerleader, then picks him up and dumps him on the table. Caesar is so ticklish that even pouring lube into his armpits makes him laugh. Franco adds some ropes and wrist cuffs before tickling Caesar hardcore in his armpits and on his stomach. He tickles his ribs and pits some more, then takes off Caesar's size 9 shoes and tickles his feet through his athletic ankle socks.

Anthony :
At 5' 3" and 110 lbs, 20-year-old Antony is just a little guy whose friends sent him to Franco for his first bondage tickling experience. Lucky him! Antony giggles and squirms as Franco tickles his armpits and sides, but he has no chance of getting out of these restraints. Franco pulls down Antony's shorts and blindfolds him, then invites Bradley to join in the tickle fun. They remove Antony's shoes and socks, lube up their fingers and tickle his both of his adorable size 7 feet at the same time. Next they slick up his torso with lube and give him a four-handed tickle that he obviously loves! While Bradley tickles him, Franco plays with Antony's cock until he cums, but this tickle experience is far from over. The tickle tops return to his feet, which are even more sensitive after Antony has shot his load. They keep pleasuring Antony with their tickling fingers and brushes until it seems he's worn out. But even after being partly freed, Antony is still susceptible to his captors' sneaky tickling pleasures.

Warren :
Franco brings straight studs Warren and Victor together for a special tickling session. It's been a long time since Warren was last tickled, so he's ripe for the picking. Franco brings out a big roll of nylon strapping and with Victor's help, they wrap it around Warren, screwing him down to the tickling table. Once he's secured, Franco instructs Victor to begin tickling, and although he starts gently, soon he and Franco turn up the volume. Warren giggles and hisses as they tickle his thighs and size 9 1/2 feet.
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