[Fightplace] Getting Grabbed and Tied Up

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DescriptionThis time the scene is set inside the small Fightplace group house. Slavek and Felix only want to relax after a hard day's work. But peace departs the moment Felix hears his scooter's engine starting up in the garage. Jeremy is the culprit - without Felix's permission he is taking the scooter. Felix is furious and confronts Jeremy. Insults fly and soon both are on the Mats. Jeremy unfortunately is much smaller and weaker than Felix. At a disadvantage he must fight off Felix's attack. Meanwhile Slavek, in the cellar, hears the commotion and Jeremy's cries for help and hurries to Jeremy's aid. But Slavek too, like Jeremy, is smaller than Felix and fares no better - and Jeremy can't help since by now he is lying on the ground, tied up and gagged, with Felix on top pummeling him without mercy. At the end the pair still have a chance to avenge themselves, because they're about to break free from their shackles.
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