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Teacher Gives Twinks Some Home-Tutelage

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DescriptionNote: This is an .avi file, converted from my original .mkv formatted upload (which is now dead).

I downloaded this a few years ago from some site, and the video quality most definitely is not the best, but (aside from the content) not having a mask was why I chose to upload the video.

A couple of Japanese twinks get some "home-schooling" when their teacher pays them a visit.

With his "hands-on" approach and the students' inquisitiveness, it's not long before pen and paper are put up, and pants and underwear are pulled down!

Things don't get "physical" until around the 7:00 minute mark, and dialogue (pretty much just in the first 10 minutes) is in Japanese.

In spite of being half Japanese, regarding the language, the extent of my knowledge consists of a few phrases and words.  Although I didn't pay much attention to the dialogue, I did (for whatever reason) totally understand one line...

At around the 8:10 mark, the dark-haired student says to the teacher, "Sensei (teacher, instructor), misete (let me see) ochinchin (penis)."

Then, at around 8:53, as he's fondling the "package," he kind of whispers, "Sugoi (terrific, amazing, great)!"

I am just a little curious about what is being said, but asking my mom to translate probably isn't an option (LOL).  Nevertheless, with the exception of cutting out the first few seconds, I chose to leave the dialogue in, but I did do a little editing (about 2 minute's worth), removing video "dropouts," and modifying a couple of transitions for consistency.


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