[All Worlds Video] Lord & Master

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DescriptionCast:  Michael Brandon, Ben Archer, Mike Austin, Fyerfli, Rhet Hengst, Michael Knight, Adam Rom, Antonio York, Devon
Director:  Jett Blakk
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 30 min
Year: 2003
Studio :  All Worlds Video
"Down and dirty, Lord & Master is slave and master sex at it’s best! Welcome to Frederick Manor, where leather, bondage and discipline are the rules of the house. Slave Antonio Yorkis is gazing out the window when the chef, Michael Brandon, has to scold the guys to get to work in the kitchen. A bell rings and Devon, the master of the house's son, wants his breakfast. He then has Antonio summon Michael Knight to come upstairs. There Antonio ties Michael with a bar behind his back and smacks him around before going down on the slave's hard cock.

The master’s son enjoys watching his show while eating breakfast. Antonio manhandles Knight and teases him with kisses before he gets bent over and his bum spanked. Michael is so turned on he has pre-cum dripping from his piss slit. He then is forced on bended knee and gets Antonio’s cock shoved down his throat. Michael gets bent over and Antonio slams it home up the slave’s ass. Antonio lies on the floor and has the bound Michael sit on his stiffy and go for a ride. Michael then shoots his load and licks his cum off Antonio’s hairy belly. Antonio then shoots his load, too.

Frederick, the master of house, (Ben Archer) summons slave Rhet Hengst to wait for him until he’s done with his shower to help him dress. However, Rhet can’t resist putting on his master’s leather drag and gets busted. Master is mad and summons another slave, Fyerfli to discipline Rhet. He spanks his butt and cuffs his wrists to his chaps. All the while Master Ben watches and jerks off. Fyerfli then shoves his cock in Rhet’s mouth and pumps away.

Fyerfli then teases the naughty slave by licking his cock. Ben then orders Fyerfli to role over Rhet and suck his dick. The bad slave then gets his ass eaten out before getting sodomized by Fyerfli. The two men switch positions and Fyerfli sucks on Rhet’s woody before he get is up the butt. Fyerfli gets slammed doggy style before he mounts the hard on and goes for a dick ride. He shoots his man caviar with Rhet’s boner up his ass. This has pleased the master; he shows it by dumping his load on the two men’s faces.

The chef, Michael Brandon, gets in trouble for breaking a dish. Master Ben has all the slaves gather in the foyer to watch Michael and little slave Adam Rom have sex. Michael wraps Adam in Saran Wrap. He then shoves Adam’s face in his armpit and has him work his mouth down his body to his big fatty between his legs. Michael then sucks off Adam’s man tool and works his tongue back to his smooth ass crack. Mr. Brandon rims the butt hole before Adam takes a seat on the big dick and bounces up and down. Michael rolls Adam onto his stomach and bounds his ass with his throbber. Adam goes back and deep throats the big man crank. The two cum, with Michael shooting on Adam’s face.

Master Ben is going to fire Michael for breaking the dish, but Mike Austin steps forth and takes the blame. For this he must receive the ultimate punishment. He has a leather hood put on his head as master and his son prepare him for punishment. Master Ben puts a leash on Mike as Devon ties his hands behind his back. Ben smacks the slave’s boner and Mike puts nipple clams on his nipples. The other slaves watch the bondage action.

Ben puts adjoining nipple clamps on his son and commands Mike to bite the chains. The actual sex act begins with master Ben shoving his stiff man meat in the slave’s mouth. He sits on his face and has his smooth man sack sucked. While slave Mike is sucking off his master he moves his mouth back and forth between Devon’s cock as well. The slave mounts his master’s cock and rides before the son takes a poke and slams it home. Master Ben then sticks his muscular ass out for his slave to chow down on. All three shoot their creamy jizz as the slaves were commanded to get rid of Mike. Or did they?"

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