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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-13 |

2002, 98 min

Studio :  All Worlds Video

Cast:  Diego Alvarez, Tony Alvarez, Danny, Brett Dimineo, Dick James, Danny Lopez, Marcos, Tino Lopez, Aries, Hunter Daniels


Remember the Zoot Suit? Let�s hope not. But maybe you�ve fetishised its memory though. Aah. It summed up the youth and vitality of post-War Mexican-Americans. Nothing said, "you�re free" like a tasteless badly fitting ultra-flammable sweat-trap in garish primary colors. �Ay carumba! Let�s start.

We�re in a 1940s hotel room. You can tell by the phone: See, antique phone dial. James is checking himself out in the mirror when friend Lopez comes in with spare clothes that are slightly less "gringo". Before you can say, "please don�t dress up like Huggy Bear" he�s in a bright red suit fittingly sharp enough for the leader of "the Thirty-Eighth Street Gang". Well, at least his enemies will see him coming from Fourteenth Street.

Tino Lopez offers him a switchblade for protection but would prefer to have his nob instead. Hey, I can see how anyone would reach the same conclusion. "Is this where the story begins?" Lopez asks, "No. This is where the story begins," James replies, freeing his foreskinned meat from its pinga prison. After oral scenes where our two get busy with each other (and quite badly, I�ll add) Lopez�s odd wrinkly balls are slamming against James�s buttcheeks. When they cum Lopez gives a great show, his entire muscular frame contracting and expanding with joy.

The rest of the gang (all two of them) is stuck behind bars with only a sailor, DiMineo, for company. DiMineo isn�t that hot on conversation so luckily everyone gets naked. Zootie Aries is forced to suck the cocks of both Sailorboy and his comrade, Danny Lopez. Both are hung but they still fit comfortably into the same mouth at the same time. A trend has been started and soon everyone�s on their knees sucking two dicks at once.

Danny gets it from DiMineo over the bunkbed, whilst swallowing Aries�s hot uncut dick. Danny likes his white meat injection but also wants to sample his Zoot Suit comrade, straddling Aries whilst being sucked by DiMineo. Finally all three jerk off on the bed, Aries and Danny going insane, whilst DiMineo slowly works his inches - the pay off being when a great shot of spooge is released. But when Aries lets go better put on your waterproofs, this guy comes for Mexico!

There�s a vintage car doing the rounds next. Oh please, do the world a favor and get yourself a low-rider! James tells his friends Tony Alvarez and Danny that he�s joined the Navy, and to look after his car. They decide they want to wash it and strip off so they don�t get wet. Not to worry - Tony whips out his monstrous uncut taco and Danny can�t resist. It�s no easy task getting that in your mouth and up your ass is even harder, but Danny is a hot-blooded guy and rides that beast to a great climax.

Francea is working the bar when Daniels walks in and orders a �stiff one�. It�s always nice to see a Latino drag queen who�s not a hooker and shouting �why you so stoo-pid, stoo-pid?� at everyone. In walks DiMineo, Marcos and Diego Alvarez and a stand-off turns into a kneel-down-and-suck-off, four huge dicks on display before Daniels drops to his knees and swallows DiMineo�s navy dong. All the nice boys love a sailor, after all. The whole bar becomes the sight of an amazing free for all with dominant sucking, daisychain orals, spitroasts and hot fourway fucks before they all join in a line and jerk off, spattering their juice on the barroom floor. Barmaid Francea returns and gives our naked pals the eye, smiling, but secretly thinking "Jeez, they�re all kweer. Wot iz a senorita to do?"

This is pretty decent film saved by a few very hot performances, especially the four final ones. The music isn�t that hot, in fact I hated it. But the hot sex? Hey, works for me!
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