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DescriptionVideo 1 - Brad Michaels vs Chance Caldwell

At 6'1, 225 lbs, Chance Caldwell is about 35 lbs heavier than Brad Michaels who is 6' and 190 lbs. Both are about the best you can get in wrestling skills. And to match both up in one bout was a promotional coup.
The wrestling is rough, all-out, explosive. There is a lot of cock and ball grabbing, although more in an rough erotic context than punishment. There is also some crotch to crotch grinding.
Brad Michaels loves digging his hand into crotch. Even the sex is conducted within a wrestling context from the cocksucking to the fucking to the jack-off. Brad cums while being fucked. He cum is streams. Chance's cum is wild and all over the place.

Video 2 Ren Adams vs. JT Sloan

Ren wears a black jock, J.T. appears in tightie whities. Both are excellent wrestlers. The wrestling is on the mat with both grapplers using their hold knowledge and leverage to try and gain the upper hand. Ren, as is his wont, does not shy away from grabbing on to anything he can find to gain that upper hand. This includes grabbing on to, holding and squeezing J.T.'s balls as often as he can get to them. Thus J.T. falls victim to Ren in the first two falls. J.T. makes a stunning comeback taking the next two falls. In fact this so worries Ren Adams that he feels he has to resort to a different strategy to keep from losing the match. At the beginning of the fifth and deciding fall Ren resorts to erotic wrestling. This so disorients J.T. that all he can do is breathe heavily, pant and take it - gladly. Ren has him under his total control as J.T.'s raging boner will testify. It is easy, therefore, for Ren to energetically fuck Sloan who moans throughout. He pulls on his cock, wanting to cum badly. The fucking goes on for what seems like an eternity and just when you think J.T. will fail to cum, out splashes a pretty good load. Ren follows with his own.

Video 3 Sam Caron vs. Dino Phillips

Video 4 Erotic Oil Wrestling 1

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