[MEN] Stealth Fuckers Part 1 to 12

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DescriptionCollection of videos from the Stealth Fucker series on Men.com, featuring Johnny Rapid, Billy Santoro, Colby Jansen, Diego Sans and more of today's hottest gay porn stars

1. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 1 -– Colby Jansen & Billy Santoro
Billy Santoro and Colby Jansen are hot lovers but there is just one problemÂ…Billy is married! They just finished what we can only assume was a hot fuck fest when Billy tells Colby he has to get out before his wife comes home. Colby just didnÂ’t get enough dick and ass and goes for round two. As they are going at it, BillyÂ’s wife comes home early. Billy is pounded hard while his wife is just on the other side of the door!

2. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 2 -– Dennis & Jack
Jack Radley isn’t exactly a morning person, that is until his stepdad, Dennis West, shows him just how great mornings can be.
Dennis enters Jack’s room and starts to blow his big cock. When Jack’s friend comes over to pick up Jack, there is no stopping the amazing feeling Jack is having with his stepdad’s horse hung cock.
Jack takes Dennis’ cock balls deep as he has conversations with his friend on the other side of the door.

3. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 3 -– Landon Mycles & Tommy Regan
Tommy Regan has a serious crush on his hot new dog walker, Landon Mycles, and today is going to be the day he feels LandonÂ’s cock in his ass! As these two studs are fucking, TommyÂ’s roommate Eli comes home to do some laundry, but he canÂ’t figure out the new washer so he enlists the help of Tommy. When his roommate isn'Â’t watching Tommy sneaks Landon out to the laundry area and gets railed by him as Eli sits on the couch oblivious.

4. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 4 -– Jack & Roman
When Jack Radley overhears his roommate, Roman Todd, on the phone with his girlfriend begging for a cock sucking, he sees the opportunity he’s been waiting for. The only problem is that his nosy boyfriend is just in the other room. He goes for it anyways, sucking Roman Todd’s big dick, and then positioning his ass just right for the hard fucking his boyfriend just can’t give him.

5. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 5 -– Colby Jansen, Billy Santoro & Johnny Rapid
When Billy Santoro finds out that Johnny Rapid stayed the night in his house and fucked his daughter, he decides that the only way to make things right is to suck his his cock with his daughter just in the other room. Billy then takes Johnny upstairs to his daughterÂ’s room and drills his cute ass. When Colby Jansen walks in on the fun he feels itÂ’s only right that he have a turn with Johnny as well.

6. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 6 -– Brendan Phillips & Landon Mycles
When Brendan Phillips’ cunty girlfriend refuses to fuck him with a strap-on, roomie Landon Mycles offers him the real deal instead. Brendan finally looks at ease with Landon’s cock in his mouth and ass, even with his girlfriend just in the other room!

7. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 7 -– Brendan Phillips And Johnny Rapid
Johnny Rapid needs help to study but he needs even more help with his raging hard-on. Luckily for him, his study buddy Brendan Phillips likes taking cock deep in his throat and hole. Watch as Johnny gets caught by his mom while bouncing on Brendan’s excited cock.

8. MEN - Stealth Fuckers, Part 8 -– Diego Sans & Paul Canon
Paul Canon regrets not making a move on his straight college roommate, Diego Sans, when he had the chance. When Diego says he’s coming to visit, Paul sees this as his second chance. The only problem is that he’s bringing his wife! Paul wants Diego’s dick in his tight ass so bad though, he’s not about to let that get in his way. 

9. MEN - Stealth Fuckers Part 10 - Jay Roberts & Matt Anders
When Matt Anders starts flirting with one of the female staff, his boss is quick to put an end to it. Jay Roberts teaches Matt how things work in his office by having him suck on his big dick and then take it deep in the ass. Jay then bends over himself so that Matt can fuck him hard, doggystyle.

10. MEN - Stealth Fuckers Part 10 - Jack Hunter And Johnny Rapid
When Johnny Rapid and Jack Hunter wake up after partying in their hotel room the night before they realize they should probably clean the trashed room. The only problem is that Johnny is experiencing some morning wood and Jack has always wanted a taste of his juicy cock. Jack reaches for Johnny’s dick and soon the boys are fucking while housekeeping roams the room. 

11. MEN - Stealth Fuckers Part 11 - Bennett Anthony & Landon Mycles
Landon Mycles’ wife just won’t let him take a dildo in his ass so he enlists the services of Bennett Anthony. Landon’s loving every inch so Bennett decides to whip out the real thing so Landon can get the pounding he’s always wanted.

12. MEN - Stealth Fuckers Part 12 - Johnny Rapid & Paul Canon
Johnny Rapid has had it with his girlfriend. She won't put out and just spends all his cash while out with her best friend. Johnny find out that Paul Canon is in the exact same boat so the two boys decide to have some fun while the girls are out. Johnny plows Paul's perfect ass until they both cum all over.

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