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MBZ - Elder Roberts' New iPad

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DescriptionElder Roberts wakes up early one morning with serious wood. Before his mission, he used to masturbate all the time. He knew it was considered bad, but he couldn’t help himself, and he knew it didn’t hurt anyone. But in the mission field, he’s never alone. He’s been a missionary for almost a year, and rarely finds the time to jerk off. His balls ache. He keeps getting unwanted erections at awkward moments, too, at zone conference and at meetings with investigators and even at church.

He reaches under the cover and shifts his dick around in his garments to make the erection go away. But of course touching it only makes it worse. His dick stiffens and throbs, he’s so horny it hurts. He glances at his companion, who is still deep asleep, and starts to play with his dick under his blankets. His eyes land on the new missionary iPad the Church issued him and his companion to share, which is on a nightstand between them. It is only meant to be used as a teaching tool, but he knows other missionaries don’t always use theirs appropriately. Can he pick it up without waking his companion? And can he look at porn without his companion finding out later? He’s not sure, but he’s so horny he doesn’t even care if he’s caught. He reaches for the iPad and then he pulls down his blanket and grabs his huge dick. He is so turned on that his dick is moving around by itself, pulsing and pressing against his garments. He plays with his dick, which even through the garments is obviously enormous.

His beautiful blonde companion is still sleeping like a baby. Or is he?
It crosses Elder Roberts mind that maybe his pretty companion is pretending to be asleep but he’s actually watching him play with himself. But the thought only makes him harder. If his companion wants a show, he can give him one he won’t forget. He knows from the locker room in high school that his dick is a lot bigger than other boys’ dicks. He hopes his companion will crack an eye open and get an eyeful of his giant cock.

Elder Roberts pulls down his garments and his giant bone flops against his belly. He’s hard as a rock. He wants to cum already, but this is the first time he has jerked off in months and he wants it to be epic. So he fights the urge to cum, getting his dick up to the line and then backing off. The pornography he’s watching on the iPad is so hot that he’s afraid he’ll accidentally bust before he wants to.

His companion shifts in his bed and Elder Roberts instinctively reaches for the covers. He really could get in a lot of trouble if he gets caught. But his companion seems to be fast asleep. So he pinches his nipples, relishing the feeling of being right on the edge of cumming. Having to do this all in total silence, with his innocent companion a few feet away, is driving this hot young Mormon boy insane. His dick tingles.

His breathing is getting louder as he gets more and more turned on, and he fights the urge to moan. His face is totally flushed. And he starts to feel claustrophobic, so he pulls the blanket totally off and pulls down his garments. He has a perfect jock body, big legs and just a little hair on his chest and abs. He’s breathing really hard now, he can’t help it. But his companion isn’t stirring, and anyway it’s too late to stop now — he absolutely has to finish. He lifts his leg and grabs his ass. He arches his back and points his big dick at his chest, getting ready to shoot. He grabs a nipple and bites his lip. His big balls are hugging his body tight. He can feel the cum building up and getting ready to explode. He imagines dumping it all over his companion’s angelic face. He grimaces and tenses up, and then with a load moan he shoots his hot white load all over his tight stomach.

After he explodes, he gives his tender cock a few gentle tugs. The feeling of his sticky shaft-skin working up and down his sensitive head is almost too much for the boy. He’s drenched in cum, but doesn’t have anything to wipe off with. His companion stirs again. He quickly pulls down his garment top, getting it wet with the jizz, and pulls up the blankets. Did he get away with it? Or did his companion see him? He would get in big trouble if reported, but still, part of him almost hopes his cute companion caught him red-handed.

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