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Original upload: 2017-06-29 11:29:35 |
USA | 2016|  24:37| Short, XXX|No dialogues| mp4 |

The boy action is non-stop in this one of a kind film noir thriller that proves that even in death there can be a “happy ending!”
In fact this 25 minute short film is crammed with no less then 3 of them as we follow an unstable teenager on his deadly quest for revenge of a broken “Blind Date”
Then stay tuned for the raw and un-edited-behind the scenes sex with gay porn stars Addison Graham and Taylor Reign. Newcomer Jimmy Fame plays the unstable teen who works up his own “happy ending” solo!

Director: Steven Vasquez  
Stars: Taylor Reign, Jimmy Fame, Addison Graham

Format: mp4     
Duration: 24:37   
Video: 1280x720, H264 (AVC), 2000 kbps         
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