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*** The Victim ***
Name: Ricardo
Age: 20
Occupation: Waiter
Body type: Slim
Topped by: Adrian and Jake

*** Synopsis ***
Ricardo thinks we run a language school. The innocent little lad has no idea that 'Oral Basic' is going to involve him servicing both our dicks.
Ricardo suffers nipple torture, gags, anal hooking, fingering, forced dick swallowing, spanking, spitroasting, cbt and flogging.

*** Intro Scene ***
Handing out flyers advertising freebies obviously attracts a wide variety of cute student types. But we never dreamt we'd lure a specimen as sexy as Ricardo.

Small and olive skinned, with mischievous eyes and a mop of floppy black hair, Ricardo looks so innocent, we actually have to ask his age to check he's legal! I take advantage of his youthful naivety by getting a nice grope of his tight little arse as I pretend to warn him about pickpockets.

The promise of learning English, and being able to chat up girls, has this naive young man following us back to our car like an obedient puppy.

*** Scene 1 ***
Naked and whimpering, Ricardo has sunk into a nightmare of submissive misery. Trembling with fear and red from flogging, he blindly obeys as I order him to crawl over to me... only to be rewarded with even nastier treatment than before.

We grind Ricardo's tearful face into both our crotches, giving him a cruel taster of his upcoming torments. I demand Ricardo wanks Jake's hard bulge as I maul his own heavy cock and balls. He cries out in distress and disgust as his most intimate parts are manhandled by men.
After putting the clamps back on Ricardo's already red and tender nipples, we bend him over and slap his unwilling legs apart. I force my finger up his twitching virgin arsehole, making him tense his buttocks, trying to get rid of the painful intrusion.
My finger is nothing, however, compared to the cold steel hook he's about to have rammed up his arse. As I winch it higher and higher, he goes up on tiptoes to alleviate the pain, wobbling back and forth as he attempts to keep his balance.
Ricardo cowers away in terror as I march back towards him. How can I possibly make the situation worse? Tight pegs on his battered nipples, that's how. And with that, we leave him - staggering on his tiptoes to keep his weight off his burning arse... distracted only by the throbbing in his nipples.

*** Scene 2 ***
When we make a straight guy take anal sex for the first time, there's always a great deal of pain and humiliation as his tight virgin hole is wrenched open by our dildos and cocks.

But for boys like Ricardo, the horror is made even worse by the discovery that.... he actually likes it. There are few things more fun than calling into question a straight man's sexuality by forcing homosexual pleasure upon him.

Making Ricardo suck the dildo, before the fucking machine slowly probes it into his arse, brings out a series of reactions from the boy ranging from dread, to unwilling pleasure, to utter shame.

Ricardo is overwhelmed by the sensations. As the machine fucks him faster and faster, he pants and drools in agonized ecstasy. When I bring my rock hard dick to his lips, he has no choice but to hungrily suck on it, overcome by the sexual identity crisis brought on by the anal pleasure.

*** Scene 3 ***
Ricardo is now faced with the horrifying prospect of being fucked by us. A dildo up his hole is one thing, but actual men's cocks are quite another, for this young straight lad in the prime of his life. He would rather take a spanking and hope we change our minds...

I start Ricardo off with a heavy leather flogger, each hit slamming hard into his sensitive flesh and making him jump and squeal. After making Ricardo's arse nice and tender, I pick up the wooden bat to really give him something to cry about.

With each sudden, forceful whack from the bat, Ricardo is in so much pain, he can barely even catch his breath to cry out. Gasping and desperately trying to pull himself free, he makes for a pathetic and horny sight for a sadist like myself. He's soon pleading for us to stop, but can't bring himself to beg to be fucked, so the beating continues, harder and harder.

When Jake uses the paddle to punish Ricardo's sensitive thighs, Ricardo breaks down in tears, but when I bring out the heavy strap he really starts to scream and howl. After a torrent of Spanish swearing and a tearful, angry vow to "cut our heads off", Ricardo finally gives in and begs to be fucked. We can't wait to feel his tight little arse around our cocks...

*** Scene 4 ***
Ricardo has been beaten into submission with our arsenal of spanking tools, and knows that he's only in for more pain if he doesn't show our hard dicks a good time.

Ricardo sucks my cock as well as he can from the start. He uses his little hands to wank my shaft at the same time, giving me as much pleasure as he can, in case I decide to beat him again. Jake takes his turn in Ricardo's talented mouth, and I prise open the boy's tight arse cheeks, forcing my erection inch by inch into his clenching, quivering hole.

Pain and shame are written all over his face as my throbbing hard dick sinks deep into Ricardo's arse. But with the threat of the whip looming fresh in his mind, he needs to take it... so he wraps his mouth around Jake's cock, and pushes back onto me. Using his own momentum to fuck himself, Ricardo slides his sphincter up and down my shaft, wanking my cock with his own arse.

Soon I'm ready to blow my load, so we put Ricardo on his knees and I humiliate him further by making him suck and wank my dick into his own face, knowing and dreading the imminent explosion of salty cum. The sight of Ricardo's innocent little face gazing up at me tips me over the edge, and I blow my load right into his eye, with jet after jet of my hot spunk dripping down his smooth young cheeks. Ricardo does his best to rub it all off, but what he's done will stain his sexual conscience forever. Every time his girlfriend sucks him off, he'll think of this moment... of me.

*** Scene 5 ***
I love seeing the confused panic on Ricardo's face as he watches me approach, bearing my instruments of torment. First come a couple of tight nipple pegs which make the harsh chest beating with my flogger even more painful. Then his cock and balls get a taste of the lash, making him flinch and whimper. When Jake then sticks a probe up his arse, it's the least of Ricardo's worries - because his cock's in for far worse! Not one, but two nasty little cock clips stretching his tender foreskin to its limit, attached to his toes.

And no matter how much it hurts as we attach even more pegs to the most sensitive parts of his anatomy, Ricardo can't escape, can't move an inch. Seeing Ricardo cowering away from me, every part of his body tingling with pain has got my throbbing dick rock hard. I shove it into his face without consideration for his breathing comfort, making him drool and gag as he desperately tries to please me.

Then I leave him, covered in drool, to pull off his cock clips using his toes... with only the pain and shame to keep him company.

*** The Interview ***
Ricardo is straight, but saw his Straight Hell modeling job as a new experience - and watching his scenes, we reckon he fucking loved it! In this backstage clip, the cute 20 year old lets us know how he plans to try out some of our ideas on his girlfriend... if she'll let him!

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