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Brody Lasko Collection (feat Ronan Kennedy, Ayden Troy, Ian Dempsey, David Hardy, Tyler White, Vadim Black, Dakota Ford, James Andrews & Chandler Scott)

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Description-Introducing Brody Lasko
Brody Lasko is a gorgeous young twink who’s ready to show us what he’s got! He’s new to Broke Straight Boys, and even though he’s 100% straight, he’s ready to take some dick up the ass for cash…but not just yet!
We want to let this newbie get warmed up first, so he’s going to introduce himself to us with a sexy solo scene, and what better place to jerk off than in a rustic old barn! He rubs his cock through his pants, getting himself worked up a little before the clothes come off completely and he’s standing naked, leaning against a pole in the barn for support as he works his dick some more.
He finds a different spot in the barn, closer to the door, and we get the feeling that this guy is the exhibitionist type…he poses in front of the opening, jerks his meat and closes his eyes as he moans, getting closer and closer to cumming. He strokes his huge wang faster and harder, his breathing getting louder until he finally shoots a huge load all over the floor of the barn.

-The Teacher (Ronan Kennedy & Brody Lasko) (Oral)
Ronan Kennedy and Brody Lasko are here to suck some dick today, and they get right to it! They start by getting in the mood with some kisses, making out as they stroke each other through their pants. When their bulge becomes visible, they stand up and get their clothes off as they grab one another’s cock and rub it.
Ronan gets Brody on the bed and gets his dick in his mouth, sucking on Brody’s cock and showing him how it’s done. Brody gets to apply what he’s learned, and he leans back and lets Ronan stick his dick into his mouth, thrusting gently as Brody struggles to take his whole cock. Once Ronan is confident that Brody has the hang of oral, the pair 69s and they both give and receive at the same time.
Ronan breaks up the 69ing and leans back on the bed, letting Brody at his dick again, and he runs his tongue along Ronan’s thick shaft. Ronan wants a taste of Brody’s meat again and he delivers some more amazing cock-sucking skills, using his mouth and hand together to make Brody moan for more until he shoots his load. Now it’s Ronan’s turn to get off, and Brody is there to help as he massages Ronan’s balls while he finishes.

-Ayden Troy Fucks Brody Lasko
This is Brody Lasko’s very first time bottoming and he’s a little nervous about taking a dick up his ass, but that’s to be expected for a newbie. Lucky for him, he’s in good hands with Ayden Troy! They kiss a bit as they strip and then Ayden sits Brody down and takes his cock in his warm mouth, sucking his dick and getting it wet as he drools all over that meat.
Ayden gives Brody’s prick a lot of time and attention, hoping to ease his nerves about bottoming, but after getting Brody’s dick worked up to full size, Ayden gets some oral too! After Brody has gotten Ayden’s cock ready for fucking, he gets on the floor and bears his ass to Ayden who lubes up and gently pushes his dick into Brody’s tight virgin ass.
Brody bottoms like a pro, taking that big prick without complaint as Ayden fucks him nice and slow before they move things over to the bed where Brody climbs on top and sits on Ayden’s hard cock. He lets Ayden pound him harder as he starts to get into it, bouncing up and down as he rides Ayden’s dick. They try one other position, standing up, and that’s when Brody shoots his load and Ayden follows, cumming onto Brody’s sore ass!

-Game Room Orgy (Ian Dempsey, David Hardy, Brody Lasko & Ronan Kennedy)
Brody Lasko and Ian Dempsey have a bet going…whoever loses this game of pool gets to suck the other guy off, and it looks like Brody is about to get a mouthful of meat! He drops Ian’s pants and starts rubbing his bulge through his boxers before pulling that dick out and working it with his mouth. Ian strips as he leans back and enjoys that oral…but it looks like their audience is getting into it too!
The two boys on the sidelines are rubbing their dicks as Brody loses his clothes next and Ian goes down on him, sucking his cock good before Brody bends Ian over the pool table and fingers his asshole before his slides his dick inside of it! Brody fucks Ian hard, making his fine ass bounce with each thrust before he lays Ian on the table and pounds him like that…but the two guys in the audience are tired of just watching, they want in on the action!
Ronan Kennedy whips out his monster of a prick and rams Ian while Brody gets head from David Hardy. They switch and Ian is getting fucked by David next while Ronan gets his dick sucked by Brody. There’s so much sexy fucking and cock-sucking going on on this pool table that it isn’t long before these three boys are stroking one out onto cumslut Ian!

-Tyler White & Brody Lasko (Bareback Flip-Flop)
Tyler White and Brody Lasko don’t know what’s coming with this scene, but both of these boys are ready for whatever comes their way! They get warmed up with some kisses, making out as they strip and rub each other’s cocks through their boxers, and then Brody makes the first move toward Tyler’s dick.
He goes down on him, using his newly learned oral skills to get Tyler good and hard before he gets to be on the receiving end, with the very experienced Tyler sucking on his wang. But once Tyler’s had enough cock-sucking, he stands up and shoves his bareback prick into Brody’s tight ass, going slow at first but then going harder and deeper once Brody’s ass is stretched around his throbbing dick.
Brody repositions himself, getting on all fours and arching his back in order to take Tyler’s cock, and Tyler tops him doggy style, ramming his cock into Brody as he moans. But then these boys flip, and Brody tops Tyler raw, fucking him hard from behind as he reaches around and rubs Tyler’s dick while he pounds him. Tyler gets on his back and Brody gets between his legs and rams him until he fucks the cum right out of Tyler and then strokes one out himself!

-Tyler White, Brody Lasko & Vadim Black (Bareback Threeway)
Tyler, Brody and Vadim are here for a three way, and while Vadim and Tyler have a lot more experience than Brody, they’re all horny and ready to fuck! Tyler seems to be the main event, getting his cock sucked and his lips kissed by the others as they both take their turn tasting his meat!
Vadim and Brody lose their clothes piece by piece as they pleasure Tyler, stroking their own dicks once in a while until Tyler finally returns the favor and gives Brody and Vadim some much needed oral as they make out and all three guys get super hard. But Tyler wants to fuck, and he makes it happen by flipping Brody onto his stomach and fucking his ass bareback while Brody sucks on Vadim’s prick.
Tyler decides to share his obedient little bottom and lets Vadim stick Brody with his cock before Vadim bottoms for Tyler, riding that dick while Brody gets in on the action and sucks Vadim’s cock as he bounces up and down on Tyler’s prick, getting fucked raw. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end…and this ending is full of sexy moans and hot cum!

-Dakota Ford & Brody Lasko (Bareback)
Brody Lasko has heard rumors about Dakota Ford’s long, thick cock, but he’s not intimidated, he’s ready to tackle that beast…and outside, nonetheless! He sucks on Dakota’s big dick while Dakota lies back and enjoys it, letting Brody work his magic mouth and get that cock up to full size. Once Dakota’s prick is ready, the clothes come off and Brody takes a seat on the chair, pulling his legs up and spreading his ass apart for Dakota. He shoves his bareback dick right inside of Brody, hardly giving him a minute to adjust before he’s pounding him hard and deep while Brody moans in pain and pleasure.
Fucking outside can be a challenge, but these boys tackle that problem without hesitation, figuring out the best positions to keep both of them happy, horny, and hard! When they’ve exhausted their options for fucking on the chair, they move to a more scenic spot and Brody sits on Dakota’s big dick, riding it raw for a while before they pick one last spot and mark that territory as their own with their hot jizz. Brody shoots his load onto the rocks but Dakota busts a nut right above Brody’s fine ass.

-Brody Lasko & Vadim Black (Bareback Flip-Flop)
Brody Lasko and Vadim Black get right to it in this steamy scene, swapping spit as they make out and undress each other, kissing and touching each other until Brody pulls his cock out and Vadim sucks on that sweet dick. Vadim rips Brody’s pants off and works Brody’s meat with his mouth until Brody throws him off and goes right for the fucking, sitting on Vadim’s hard prick and riding him.
Vadim watches Brody’s huge cock bouncing in his face as they fuck raw, but Vadim wants to get deeper in that tight ass so he gets that sexy little bottom on his back and slides his bareback dick back inside. He pumps his cock into Brody nice and slow, letting him feel every movement of his fat prick as he fills him up, Brody grabs his member and jerks himself off while Vadim buries his dick in his ass.
Vadim pulls out and shows us Brody’s stretched asshole as he fingers it a little and then lets Brody top him, taking that ass with his beast of a cock. They flip again and Vadim makes Brody’s ass bounce as he pulls his hair and slams into him until Brody shoots his load all over and then jerks Vadim off!

-James Andrews Fucks Brody Lasko (Bareback)
James Andrews and Brody Lasko are back by popular demand, and we’re expecting James to step up his game if he wants to come back and make some more cash. Brody is here to help him be more open to the experience, and they get things started with a sexy makeout session. They keep their lips locked while they slide their pants off and start rubbing each other’s junk, grabbing those cocks through their boxers until finally we get some oral!
Brody kisses his way down to James’s eager dick, taking it in his mouth and deepthroating it until his eyes water while James tries to shove it even deeper. After Brody’s throat is coated in precum, he expects the same from James and gets his cock sucked next, followed by a finger up his ass as James gets a little adventurous and fingers Brody’s hole before sticking his dick inside!
Brody spreads his legs wide open for James, who slides his bareback prick balls deep into Brody’s tight entrance, fucking him doggy style, on his back, all sorts of sexy positions as they both moan and thrust. While Brody is riding and grinding on James’s dick, he drains his cock onto James’s chest and then gets James’s jizz sprayed all over his ass!

-Brody Lasko Fucks Chandler Scott
Chandler Scott is here for his first bottoming experience, and Brody Lasko is the lucky guy who gets to take this hottie’s virgin ass! But before they can start fucking, of course they have to get warmed up first, and their deep kisses are sure to get the blood rushing. As they make out, Brody takes off Chandler’s shirt and runs his hand over his body and down to his cock, massaging it through Chandler’s shorts before those come off next and Brody has his face between Chandler’s legs!
Brody pulls Chandler’s dick in and out of his wet mouth, using his hand on the shaft and his tongue on the tip as he sucks Chandler until he’s hard. Next is Chandler’s turn to give oral and by the expression on Brody’s face, he’s pretty damn good at it! Chandler sucks Brody’s dick until it’s hard enough to pound Chandler’s ass, and that’s exactly what he does next as he gets Chandler on the bed and buries his dick between Chandler’s ass.
For his first time bottoming, Chandler takes that cock well, letting Brody direct him while he gets his sore ass pounded harder and harder! Brody sure isn’t gentle on this newbie, he fucks him hard until he makes him cum, then pulls out of that tight ass and unleashes his load onto Chandler!

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