Manhandled: Pound His Ass Vol 4 [Edited] - HEVC (1080p)

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Title: Pound His Ass Vol. 4
Duration: 01:56:25
Date Release: 2020-03-06

Synopsis (I'll provide one): In a wrestling match, signs of fear and intimidation are rewarded with a thick splotch in the face amongst two wrestlers. Meanwhile, an awkward employee immediately feels that he's in the "hot seat" for going to HR and telling them about the uncomfortable and unwelcomed advances that his boss makes. Fearing for his next yearly performance appraisal, he decides that the 30th floor is where he wants to be and selfishly takes matters into his own hands. On the other side of town, a "now nudist" and comfortable father returns from vacation (with his wife) and decides to "turn on the charm". Lastly, who says that gratuity should be paid in cash when paying with nature's credit card is better instead?

Performers: Vadim Black, Jaxx Thanatos, Tristan Jaxx, Dale Savage, Jacob Peterson, Tom Bentley, Killian Knox, Eddy Ceetee

Director: n/a

Studio: Manhandled, Gay Wire

Genres: Adult Gay, All Sex, Anal, Athletes, Bareback, Big Cocks, Cumshots, Facials, Family Roleplay, Gay, Horse Hung, Hunks, Interracial, Jackoff, Kissing, Latino, Masturbation, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, One on One, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut, Wrestling

**This file has been edited when converting from h.264 mp4 to HEVC h.265. Please note that editing is something that I flirt with and I do not take seriously as I consider it a hobby.
**** There are two or three minor issues with the original file in scene one, but nothing too drastic or obnoxious.

Editing Includes:

- Cover Poster (Intro and End)
- Title Openers Per Scene
- Chopped Out 'Gay Wire' In Between Scenes
- Transitions (Fade Ins/Fade Outs - audio and visual)
- Performer Ending Credits
- Gay Wire Closer
- Music Audio:  Garbage - Milk (Rabbit In The Moon Mix)

General Info
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Resolution: 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Frame Rate: 30.00 fps
Video Bitrate: 4959 kbps
Audio Stream 1
Encoder: aac
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Channel: 2
Audio Bitrate: 192 kbps
2021-11-18 17:21:43
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