♺ Xtreme - Once in a Bluemoon

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-11 |
Studio: Xtreme Productions
Director: Afton Nills
Cast: Dillon Samuels, Kameron Scott, Quinn Alexander, Trevin Nills, Nevin Scott, Tyler Bradley, Jesse Jacobs

With a visual nod on the box cover to TV's Queer as Folk, Afton Nills launches a new series that combines saucy plot with some high-caliber twink fucking. Judging by this first episode, fans are in for a fun ride.

The action centers on the sexual romps of the staff of a gay resort where the arrival of a cute addition to the staff stirs up the routine. The key players are the sexy pool boy, Jeremy (Trevin Nills); his blond boyfriend, Tad (Nevin Scott), who works the front desk; supervisor Robert (Quinn Alexander); and Oscar (Kameron Scott), the new bellman-room service-laundry boy whose floppy-haired, boyish good lucks is giving the rest of the staff a case of tented pants. And all are cute as can be in their uniforms of blue polo shirts and khaki shorts.

Supervisor Robert breaks in all the new hires, and Oscar is no exception. As Oscar is busy tossing towels into a washer in the secluded laundry room, Robert wanders in and closes the door behind him. Soon, he's feeling up the new cutie, who ends up on his back getting pounded. While he enjoys it, we later see that Oscar is in denial about his taste for guys, and this is a central plot point of episode one.

But you really want to know if the fucking is any good, and the answer to that is a resounding yes. Hot pool boy Jeremy gets two strong scenes, the first slamming boyfriend Tad in their bathroom until Tad squirts a juicy load into the sink. Later, he strays with the son of a record producer (Dillon Samuels, capably filling the role of a blond slut) who straddles the pool boy and gets poked doggy-style. The blond suggests that Jeremy bring along his boyfriend next time, but Jeremy says their fun has to stay on the down-low.

The best sex comes in the final scene as a couple of guests played by Jesse Jacobs and Tyler Bradley get it on just after checking in. A delicious brunet with a thick twink dick, Jacobs binds the hands of blond Bradley behind his back and, standing in front of him on the bed, feeds the blond his massive bone. Later, he shoves Bradley facedown onto the bed and mounts him before flipping him over and standing at the side of the bed for some furious pounding as his furry thighs and balls fill the screen. Jacobs keeps on plowing even after Bradley cums all over his black shirt. By today's standards, some of these scenes are fairly short, but they're tightly edited with no unnecessary filler.

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