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There's nothing like a good game of footie to get the blood pumping to all the right places, and the young lads in British Soccer Lads are no exception!

After a hectic kick-about in the park, the adrenaline is still flowing when Nico and Jason get home, and they can't wait to get their kit off to jump into the shower together. After a tender touch session, they retire to the bedroom where Nico dives onto Jason's young, upright cock. Jason returns the favour and wanting to feel Nico's tight arse ensconced on his dick, he bends him over and eases in his hard boner. Nico doesn't want Jason to cum inside him, so he pulls out and unloads his warm juice onto Jason's face. Leaning forward, he licks it up and dribbles it into Nico's open and waiting mouth!

Jake, Michael and Nico are warming up before the next game, but the only muscle that they don't mind pulling is the thick middle one! Nico is the first to get his wet mouth round his two friends' hard cocks and moves to the back to push his finger into Jake's arse whilst his tongue lubes and fucks Michael's crack. Michael and Nico then tag Jake, but wanting some himself, Nico pulls out to plant his arse firmly on Michael's cock whilst Jake sucks him off. The three lads chain fuck before spewing warm spunk from their overused pricks!

Paul and Kris are hot after a game of football, and the only cool-down session they need is a rigid suck and fuck session! Alex and James bump into each other in the locker room. Both take a much needed piss and, with hard cocks on show, the inevitable happens!

James launches himself on to Alex's fresh cock, imbibing it with the enthusiasm of a goalscorer. Alex backs down onto James' big cock until James pulls out only to deposit a great wad of spunk onto his face.

Finally, Sean and Paul are bored of keepy-uppy and let it be known what they would rather keep something else up. Going back to their flat, the two lads 69 before Paul bends Sean's legs over his head to tongue and finger fuck his brown star. This turns him on so much that a little pre-cum dribbles out of his rampant prick and, unable to contain himself, he spears his pal with his weapon. Paul pumps Sean's arse until the two lads let fly a thick wad of creamy juice.

British Soccer Lads shows a different side of youth football!
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