♺ CMNM - Danny - Parts 1, 2, & 3

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-14 |

Part 1
Danny has just finished working a long shift so he's gagging for a wank. He wants to dig out the naked photos of that stunning rubgy player Scotty to take to the
toilet stall with him, but Jimmy has a better idea. Why not get the sportsman in to assist shy Danny in the process by making him strip? The athlete is able to get his
own back fondling his cock and testing his arsehole.

Part 2
Dirty boy Danny is spread naked on the detective's desk. He's finding out what it's like to emerge from behind the camera and take the revenge of the big burly man
he's blackmailed by getting his hole fingered and his cock stroked. Displayed fully like the pervert he is the rugby man takes total control of him ramming his thick
digits up the boy's tight arsehole.

Part 3
With an angry rugby man's fingers ramming in and out of his arsehole and the boss detective Jimmy tugging on his willy, Danny is totally overwhelmed and getting much
more than the stealthy wank in the toilet he was hoping for. He lays on the desk stark naked, gets his own cum rubbed all over his blushing face and deep tongue
kissing from the aggressive clothed men.

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