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Age: 20

In this video I trick dom guy JJ into being sub by pretending to not be me! He attends an 'audition' where he thinks that I'm also auditioning to be a dom. When arranging it by email, JJ made it clear that he'd prefer to not get fucked. I coax him into meeting by reassuring him that it'd be unlikely, so he takes his chances. We play the colour of underwear guessing game with the winner being dom and the loser having to submit. Instructions are on a laptop for the winning dom to follow...
The video starts with introductions. Cocky JJ explains that I'd 'better watch out' if he wins. Of course he doesn't, despite wearing red briefs - a harder to guess colour. I delight in then humiliating and exploiting him. This includes him having to dance in his underpants & also pose completely nude for a photo that I take on my phone and then send to friends, one of whom gets back with the comment, "Nice cock!". I give JJ a good shaving and then rim his ass, which he's never had done to him before. He finds the experience quite arousing! I train his tight ass and get him to suck my dick. As I milk him, I quiz him about how guys feel when he fucks them with his big cock. "It goes up there and they just have to deal with it", he arrogantly replies. Once tied and gagged ready for me to cum in his mouth, I order him to lift his legs up. I then delight in reminding him of what he said about fucking guys and them having to 'deal with it' before giving him a taste of his own medicine! He lays there, accepting the humiliation of being a dom who is getting his ass well and truly fucked!

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