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This video may look to the detached observer like its models--Tony and Rocco--are sex pros who have been around the block already, but in fact, it commemorates Tony's first sex EVER with another guy (according to Tony!). Imagine having a video of your very first time! My memory is (conveniently) foggy--but I hope mine looked this good! Somehow, I doubt it.

To watch Tony and Rocco together is to enjoy a study in opposites. While both are young, toned, and relatively smooth-bodied with nice cocks, the resemblance ends there. Tony has an air of a boxer about him--his face and features more rough-hewn than Rocco's. In fact, until he smiles, he is a little scary-looking! Hailing from a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Lima, Tony has obviously learned to project a little menace to survive on mean streets. Never mind that he is a big sweetie, you might cross the street rather than pass him on a dark alley at night! (Unless of course you were horny--then you would risk life and limb for a chance to be ravaged by him!)

Rocco, with his soft brown eyes and sweet expression, is a puppy dog by comparison. You just want to pick him up and pet him. He looks loyal, loving and cuddly. He also happens to be a big horndog,

which made him the perfect candidate for Tony's first-ever sex romp with another guy. You couldn't ask for a warmer welcome wagon than little Rocco to ease you into a new experience!

But these two were no strangers--in fact, Rocco brought Tony to us. The two are friends and travel about in a posse that includes both straight and gay boys. They walk around, go to clubs and concerts, record stores, the beach...One day the whole gaggle came to our door. They all needed to raise some money and the gay ones volunteered that they would be willing to jerk off or even do full-on sex scenes before our cameras if only it could help them raise some fast cash. Tony hung back, apparently just along for the ride.

Of the volunteers, Rocco was the only one that said "Buenos Boy" to us. But Tony the Unavailable had a smoldering virility about him that caught the eye. Oh well, One fish in the net is better than none! We told Rocco to come back for a solo and congratulated the runners-up.

Rocco really wanted to do his scene as a duo with Tony however, and I think he must have spent that night wearing him down, begging and pleading, perhaps donating part of his own salary to the cause, because Tony the Unavailable showed up with him the next day agreeing to be the Top in a full-on sex scene.

We'll never know just what Rocco said or did to coerce a straight boy to fuck his own friend. (Although I have to confess a suspicion--while a handful of friends in their group said they were straight, one can't help but wonder if Rocco is secretly their little toy!)

Whatever he did, it worked. Tony was there and ready to give it up for the cameras. A little shy but rock hard--he was clearly looking forward to the experience. Rocco was clearly in heaven the minute Tony's cock slid into his mouth and he sucked it with gusto on the couch, gobbled it on the stairs, and devoured it again on a bed, before rolling over and taking it in the deep South. He winced a little when Tony slid in, but it was pain laced with pleasure as his satisfied moans made clear.

For his part, Tony was a most assertive top in this scene. He had energy to burn. He pleasured himself on Rocco with all the masculine thrust that his rugged looks suggest, and it was a pleasure to see his animal grace in motion. The Tough and the Tender, locked in sweaty embrace. Like dancers who have learned perfect synch, they were so smooth together that one wonders if they haven't had at least a few practice sessions, behind closed doors, of course!

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