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The Best Of Colt 1 to 10

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DescriptionThe Best of Colt 1 & 2

Cast:  Butch Barnes, Gunner Hyde, Killer Joe, Lars, Clint Lockner, Nick, Ed Wiley, Kirby Scott, Julio, Jack Hacker, Jake Baker, Vito Cesari, Bill Curry, Ryan Kilgore, J.W. King, Rocco Rizzoli, Mark Rutter, Mickey Squires

Director:  Rip Colt

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 1983-1986

Studio :  Colt Studio

Ah those days of yore: No condoms, disco music, and blow-dried hairdos. We could still do with two of those things, but so is life. All of The Best of Colt Films' 80’s era puppies are shot on actual film, and feature a rollicking disco soundtrack.

The first film, Killer & Butch, is a Tom of Finland fever dream turned flesh, replete with dirty jockstraps (love that aroma) and condomless weenies. The film speed is a bit off, though.

More goodness in the following films, which boast silliness like a Chris Atkins reject with his dick flopping about as he jumps rope, cop regalia including Village People-esque sunglasses (although I don’t remember the VP's lapping up cum anywhere in Can’t Stop The Music), and a huge finale (the poignantly ironically titled Coming to the End) which includes laborers, military men, rangers, rednecks, and a hammock.

The films included here are Killer & Butch, Gym Nasties, Playing With Danger, The Big Box, The Long Rangers, Prowlers, Sun Strokes, One More Time, Military Pass, Hard At Work and Coming to the End.

The Best of Colt 3 & 4

Cast:  Bruno, Mike Davis, Gordon Grant, Jack Hacker, Gunther Keller, Clint Lockner, Al Parker, Shadow, Mickey Squires, Paul Storr, Franco Arbruzzi, Bruce Craig, Mark Rutter, Ralph Whitaker

Director:  Rip Colt

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 1986

Studio :  Colt Studio

For those of you who get all hot 'n bothered at the thought of getting it on with a "working" man (you know who you are, you blue-collar butch boys!) this collection may get you to join your local union! Super hot dudes - from cops, to lumberjacks, to construction workers - are all on display for your j/o pleasure.

The legendary Al Parker and his massive, chiseled body and cock are among highlights here, along with a bunch of other pre-condom era muscle studs. This is masculine buttriding at it's best - more cum is gobbled here than at a Lewinsky family reunion. Enjoy it.

The films in this dual collection are The Bonus, Hand Tooled, Flat Bed, Lockner's Key, The Come On, Moving Violation, Water Pump, The Senses Taker, and Timberwolves: Parts 1 and 2.

The Best Of Colt 5 & 6

Cast:  Mike Betts, Joe Braggs, Mike Davis, Hank Ditmar, Johnny Harden, Moose, Rick Wolfmier, Tom Blake, Bruce Craig, Gordon Grant, Big Max, Marty Palmer, Tony Romano, Mark Rutter

Director:  Rip Colt

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 1986-1987

Studio :  Colt Studio

Some of the most gifted bodybuilders on earth display their prowess and humongous fucking tools in this tribute to body worship, muscles, rock-hard hairy bodybuilders, blue collar/cop fetishes and cumshots by the gallon. If authority, discipline and tough guys are your swirl, this one is guaranteed to make you shoot a wad over your own head.

Highlights here include an awesome outdoor sequence filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, the mechanic "fix it" scene in Grease Monkeys and the spectacular finale Houseboat, in which lil' boy Marty gets his ass destroyed by musclegod Gordon, all out in the great wide open.

Not for those who like their porn "warm and tender", this is rough he-man fucking that'll leave skid marks on your crotch. Colt Studio made me fall in love with them over this one. This is essential viewing, and we suggest you have a cumrag handy!

Films included in this collection are Service Entry, Overload, Muscle Beach, Hot Cop, Blood, Sweat & Beers, Shack Up, Hammerhead, Grease Monkeys and Houseboat.

The Best Of Colt 7 & 8

Cast:  Ledermeister, Dick Trask, Erron, Tom, Bruno, Mel Bush, Dakota, Denny, Bill Eld, Toby

Director:  Rip Colt

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr

Year: 1983-1987

Studio :  Colt Studio

Originally shot in 8mm, and completely remastered and scored for this series, these films record the intimate, uninhibited life-style of the hottest stud to ever straddle a cycle. Two sections, Oasis (with Dick Trask) and Breakdown with Erron and Tom) have structured story lines. The remaining three are from Rip Colt’s private files of home movies (Pool has never been released before).

While making his round for the power company, rugged super-daddy Ledermeister encounters spectacular blond Dakota in The Meterman. The results are electrifying.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who’s the hottest of them all? Young super-sensual Erron in a spurting solo-session only men can pull off in It's Erron. The heat is on when Denny and friend Mel Bush indulge in some sweaty male bonding at a Fire Island beach house. A four-alarm scorcher occurs in Stacked Deck.

In The Posing Strap, it’s the perfect fit for two of Colt’s biggest guns: Big Bill Eld and Dick Trask (in his sexy prime). A bulging bonanza from these awesome cocksmen.

An extended version of a major Colt classic, Bruno's World features never before released footage of the legendary Bruno. Super-hung Toby joins the macho, hairy-chested stud for a loaded meeting of the titans.

The Best Of Colt 9 & 10

Release Year: 1991

Studio: Colt Studio

Cast: Bob Randall, Butch Barnes, ?lint Lockner, Gunner Hyde, Killer Joe, Mark Rutter, Mike Betts, Mike Davis, Moose, Rick Wolfmier, Ryan Kilgore, Al Parker, Hank Ditmar, J.W. King, Julio Campas, Kirby Scott, Lars Lundig, Mickey Squires, Todd Avery

Genres: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Bears, Hairy, Hunks, Muscle, Masturbation, Cumshot, Compilation

Video language: English

A collection of unrelated loops from Buckshot/Colt idealizing the above average sized man. These loops may appear in other collections.

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