♺ Brutal Tops 107 - Arse Stretching Go-Go Fuckers

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-14 |
Session 107: Master Billy & Master Terry
Clip-Joint bullies Billy and Terry have relieved their 'customer' peter of all his cash, charging him extortionate prices for non-alcoholic drinks and host services. Made to drink their stinking hot piss as punishment, this useless cunt won't forget this experience in a hurry, he'll think twice before walking into their Go-Go bar again without enough cash to pay for his bill.

All this humiliation and torment has turned Master Terry on and he orders peter to service his enormous cock and heavy ball sack with his mouth. The slutty sub needs no further encouragement, sucking Terry's gonads like giant gobstoppers and gagging on his Master's thickening penis as it gets pushed deep down into the back of his throat.

An equally horny Master Billy takes his turn to be serviced by the sub's sloppy wet mouth and tongue, ordering peter to suck his cock hard, then choking the poor fucker on it, ramming the sub's face hard into his pubes and burying the full length of his erect penis down peter's throat. Holding the sub's head firmly with both hands Master Billy face fucks the lucky bastard until he coughs and splutters for air.

Pushing peter onto the floor Billy takes up position behind the sub and sinks his erection fully into it's arse, Terry feeding his own fat cock into it's mouth, both roasting the bottom with all their might, Billy's plump nut sack slapping out a rhythm on peter's buttocks as he brutally fucks him hard and deep, taking his pleasure.

With Billy pumping his arse from behind the ungrateful sub is either distracted or just plain useless at sucking Master Terry's huge cock. Standing the sub up and bending him over Billy resumes fucking peter while Terry pushes his cock back into the sub's slutty mouth for sucking. From this position Master Billy can rise up on his toes for extra leverage, pushing even more of his stiff young cock into peter's anus.

This bottom may have thought his work today was almost over, the reward of guzzling two lots of Masters sperm just moments away, but if this cunt thinks it's going to be that easy, Master Terry has a surprise in store for him, he's going have to earn that reward the hard way.

Spinning the sub around, Terry takes up position behind peter, monster cock in hand as he pushes forward and penetrates the sub's well greased hole, stretching it's sphincter to almost tearing point with it's girth as he pumps it deep into peter's arse.

Billy lies on the floor, pulling his legs back to expose his sweaty arsehole for peter's slutty mouth to rim clean, if this sub does a good job of detailing his shit chute he might just get a reward after all. The funky taste of his Masters arse on his probing tongue should be reward enough for peter but lucky for him young Master Billy has a full sack of semen he needs to unload.

Gripping the sub's head Billy milks his stiff penis into it's mouth, spurting several thick wads of cum across peter's face and lips. Master Terry plunges his cock into the sub's anus one last time before dumping his own thick load of spunk down the sub's throat. The Tops stand shoulder to shoulder laughing at their pathetic sub as he's ordered to clean up every last drop of their precious jizz.

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