NDS: Step Bro Pound Out [Edited] - HEVC (1080p)

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Title: Step-Bro Pound Out
Duration: 01:53:54
Date Release: 2021-11-12

Synopsis: Thirsty Roman Todd walks in the door to find his enticing stepbrother Greyson Lane lounging on the couch. The parents are away and Roman hasn't been able to forget their last steamy encounter. Neither has Greyson... or their parents. Despite the risk, Roman's huge, throbbing cock and sizzling caresses are too much for Greyson to resist. Super hot studs, Jack Hunter and Michael Jackman are training together at the gym. With all this workout going on, these two get horny and start sucking their cocks. This escalated quickly for these hotties. Stepbrothers Alex James and Elliot Finn can't keep their hands off each other. Don't miss their ravenous exploration of their bodies and relationship as they reach new heights together in Step Bro Pound Out. Filled with hardcore ass play and anal sex, this mind-blowing scene is just waiting for you to join the fun. Dante Colle catches Tanner Hyde sucking dick in the garage and chooses to take matters into his own hands. As the authoritative step-uncle that he is, Dante knows he needs to discipline him and teach him a lesson.

Performers: Dante Colle, Roman Todd, Tanner Hyde, Elliot Finn, Michael Jackman, Greyson Lane, Jack Hunter, Alex James, Scott Finn* (featured briefly)

Director: Conrad Parker, Rocco Fallon, Walden Woods

Studio: Next Door Studios, Next Door Taboo

Genres: Adult Gay, All Sex, Anal, Bareback, Beards, Big Cocks, Creampies, Cumshots, Daddies, Family Roleplay, Flip-Fuck, Gay, Horse Hung, Hunks, Jackoff, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, One on One, Oral, Raw, Rimming, Smooth/Toned Build, Tattoos, Young Hunks

**This file has been edited when converting individual files from h.264 mp4 to HEVC h.265. Please note that editing is something that I flirt with and I do not take seriously as I consider it a hobby.

Editing Includes:

- Cover Poster (Intro and End)
- Title Openers per scene
- Trimmed down individual files 
- Transitions (Fade Ins/Fade Outs - audio and visual)
- Performer/Director Ending Credits
- Next Door Studios Closer
- Music Audio: Dannii Minogue - Creep

File Name  Step Bro Pound Out (2021).mp4
Format  MP4
Duration  01:53:54
Bitrate    4598.0kbps
File Size:  3.83 GB
Video Stream Count  1
Audio Stream Count  1
Subtitle Stream Count  0
Video Stream1 
Video Encode  HEVC
Video BitRate  4598.0kbps
Resolution  1920*1080
Aspect Ratio  16:9
Frame Rate  25.000 fps
Audio Stream1 
Audio Language  English-Advanced Audio Codec
Audio Encode01  AAC
Audio BitRate  192.0kbps
Audio Channel  2
Audio Sample Rate  44.0KHz
2021-11-25 12:51:09
3.83 GB (4,111,261,114 bytes)
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