Ikarus - The Greek Trilogy

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Cast:  Alexanter Delos, Anatol Borinski, Andras Csorton, Anton Elsinski, Balu, Bela Kis, Boris Varga, Gino Ferrara, Giovanni Lucca, Jan Rick, Janos Balczik, Kristian Szabo

Director:  Conny Haller

Son of Mykonos
This is the first part in Ikarus Entertainment's The Greek Trilogy, that ends with Sexxxy Gay Paradise via Kostas' Friends. So expect to see lots of manmade hummus, Greek yogurt and taramasalata splattering about on young tanned Spanish bodies.

The first one of these I actually saw was the final, and I loved it. Which worried me because I was afraid of reverse evolution - the originals are always crap when compared to the final (Missing Link versus Boot Black for example), but I need not have worried. This title is amazing!

As usual with Ikarus it starts with the boring travelogue touristy shots (as if to say we’re not in Kansas anymore) of Tavernas, Cats and sunbleached streets. And one of those big chinned birds. The zither music is terrible (for which I subtract half a star; it also ruined The Third Man for me) and oh look, there’s a ferry coming in to port. Quick girls - the sailors are in town!

Luckily as the cast appears (and the music goes up tempo) we see a bunch of hotties and all is forgiven. Shame then that we get another minute of the Travel Channel before we settle down to trouser-rubbing goodness.

Boris Varga rides into town (on moped - bet Peter Fonda is worried) and attracts Csortan’s attentions. You might look butch in those leather trousers, but that mince screams "Mary"…or at least slipped disc. In the hotel foyer (I think) they get a lot friendlier. Csortan jumps straight on to Boris’s greekmeat, slapping it against his rosary, which had the Catholic in me giggling hysterically. Unsurprisingly, Csortan is the lady here, and he loves every minute of the experience. Sadly, Varga has some odd scarring on his backside; maybe he fell on a bonfire as a child.

Mute the music!

Boyish Bela is enjoying a peaceful outdoor shower when happy wanderer Kristian gives in to his voyeuristic tendencies and gets an eyeful. (Hey, if you don’t like it buy a shower curtain.) Pretty soon Kristian invites himself over the wall and the hot duo find better ways to cool off. After passionately kissing Bela shows how to suck cock expertly, with careful attention paid to the balls too. (I wish he gave lessons to my dates.) Surprisingly, the waifish Bela fucks muscular Kristian rotten (didn’t see that one coming!) Bela shoots his load all over K’s chest, and pretty soon lovespud-juice is everywhere.

In a fabulous pool scene Boris and Bela have a frolic, attracting the attention of stunners Gino Ferrara and Giovanni Lucca. This is the hottest underwater scene I’ve seen since Naked Highway - out of the pool and onto the sunloungers with Ferrara on Lucca and Boris on Bela in a group scene so hot it’ll set your smoke detectors off.

In a tavern token Russkie Anatol and Kristian play footsie under the table (I did this once, until I remembered I had a dog grumby on the sole of my shoe) before Kris decides his mouth is an even better object of affection - diving under the table to chow down on a balalaika! This is brave because there’s a party of three on the next table. After they leave things get heavier with waiter Gino. This is an odd scene because the actors keep disappearing for minutes on end to be replaced by what looks like stunt doubles. Can’t complain though!

Finally we have a romantic scene with Bela and Boris having a sunset date. These Euroguys sure are lightweights because one sip of wine and they are all over each other like cheap suits! Bela does most of the work to an appreciative Boris, proving his star quality. A hot end to a great movie!

You’ll have shot your stuff way before these guys get round to shooting theirs. Buy the trilogy - you know you want to!
-Froufrou A. Gogo
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