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Elder Foster, Elder Miller & Bishop Angus

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DescriptionMormonBoyz, inducton part1: Elder Foster, Elder Miller & Bishop Angus
Release Date: March 8, 2015

Elder Miller has seen Elder Foster naked, tasted his big cock, and had him fuck the cum out of him. He knows that this good-looking Mormon boy is gay. If Elder Miller is only attracted to men, he’ll be a great candidate for the higher order of the priesthood.

On his recommendation, Bishop Angus calls the two boys in for an interview, and a thorough inspection. Elder Foster is nervous and excited. Elder Miller has prepared him by explaining that joining the order is a great privilege extended only to the hottest Mormon boys, and by telling him not to masturbate for a few days before the interview so that he’ll have a nice big load of cum for the bishop.

Bishop Angus is even more attractive than the young missionary imagined he would be. He is just the kind of older priesthood leader that Elder Foster used to fantasize about as an adolescent. He can tell that the man has a huge dick and he wonders if he¬íll get to see it. He doesn¬ít have to wait long to find out. The bishop stands him up and starts to undress him. Once he has the boy stripped to his tight-fitting underwear, he tells Elder Miller ¬ďYou did good work! This one¬ís really sexy.¬Ē

Standing there in his garments is making Elder Foster’s dick hard. After he helps the bishop out of his clothes, the bishop makes him undress Elder Miller. Having already fucked this stud, he knows the hot body that’s waiting for him. Once Elder Miller is completely naked, the bishop bends him over his desk and spreads his ass.

¬ďI want you to watch closely,¬Ē he says to Elder Miller, and then he gently licks Elder Miller¬ís ass. ¬ďDo you think you can do this?¬Ē

The boy is too shy to say anything, but he nods and drops to his knees. As he licks the other missionary¬ís tight asshole, the bishop massages his neck and encourages him. ¬ďThat¬ís great. Just like that.¬Ē The bishop walks around the desk, taking a good look at the muscular body spread out on it, and then takesElder Miller¬ís head and sticks his dick in the boy¬ís mouth.

Elder Foster watches the blowjob as he eats the firm ass, eager to do a good job and totally turned on. The bishop comes back around and shows him how to massage the hole with his thumb, and then how to slide his finger in and loosen up his hole. As the Elder Foster does this, the bishop wets his finger with spit and opens up Elder Foster’s tight butthole. The boy moans as he feels the man’s thick finger work its way in. He’s already imagining the bishop’s meaty cock fucking him hard, while he fucks the other missionary…

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