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Dreamboy Hotel Collection [All 9 w/ Synched Audio]

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DescriptionHere are all 9 videos in Eurocreme's "The Dreamboy Hotel" series, numbered and named uniformly for your viewing pleasure. As far as I know, "Grand Opening" and "Tight Fix" have never been available on this tracker with properly synched audio... until now!

So, trying to collect all of the Dreamboy Hotel movies was a bit of a pain since none of the trackers had all of them, so I had to download a few here and a few there. Furthermore, they were almost never numbered, so I had to Google the chronological order of  the movies (and that was also a slight pain as there was no one site that listed them all in order).

But the most annoying part of collecting these movies is that #2 ("Grand Opening") and #3 ("Tight Fix") were not available with synched audio. Whoever ripped these movies made the same mistake: They set the movies to play at 30 FPS when the movies were originally 29.97 FPS, which means that for every second of the movie, the audio would lag behind by 1000th of a second, which means that by the end of "Grand Opening", the audio would be just over 6 seconds behind.

So I fixed the audio for both of these files by importing the movies into Sony Vegas Pro, shortening down the audio of both movies by as many frames as I had to to properly synch them up to the video footage (which also means that the audio cuts off a few seconds before the end of the ending credits, because there's simply no more audio available, but who cares about that?), exporting the audio into FLAC, re-encoding it into AAC (I had to re-encode it into a slightly higher bitrate than they were originally to not lose too much audio quality due to the constant re-encoding. As a result, both files are a slightly larger than they originally were) using dBpoweramp and then muxing the audio and video together using MeGUI (because Avidemux just wouldn't allow me to mux the AAC-files for some reason).

As a result, all of the movies now have properly synched audio. Enjoy!

NOTE #1: I was not the original ripper/encoder of any of these videos. I merely fixed the audio for #2 and #3. The rest of the movies have been left entirely untouched.

NOTE #2: My upload speed's pretty shitty (1.1 mB/S-ish), so don't expect great download speeds for the first day or so.

#1 - The Dreamboy Hotel:
Cast: Steve Weikman, Aaron Samuels, Dan Daily, Jon Jo, Lucas Davidson, Luke Desmond, Reece Ryder, Freddie White, Tate Ryder, Skylar Blu
Director: Mike Esser

#2 - Grand Opening (Synched Audio):
Cast: J.P. Dubois, Luke Desmond, Lloyd Adams, Skylar Blu, Aaron Samuels, Jonny Parker, Marcus Jay
Director: Blacky Mendez

#3 - Tight Fix (Synched Audio):
Cast: Billy Rubin, J.P. Dubois, Luke Desmond, Leo Mack, Reece Ryder, Freddie White, Skylar Blu, Milo Taylor, Aaron Samuels, Lucas Davidson, Lloyd Adams
Director: Blacky Mendez

#4 - Power Out:
Cast: J.P. Dubois, Billy Rubens, Darius Ferdynand, Lloyd Adams, Lucas Davidson
Director: Blacky Mendez

#5 - Bachelor Party:
Cast: J.P. Dubois, Darius Ferdynand, Billy Rubens, Brendan James, Jonny Garcia, Leo Domenico, Mark Snow
Director: Blacky Mendez

#6 - On Leave:
Cast: Danny Daniels, Billy Rubens, Skylar Blu, Aaron Aurora, J.P. Dubois, Luke Desmond
Director: Blacky Mendez

#7 - Taking Control:
Cast: Luke Desmond, Danny Daniels, Darius Ferdynand, Billy Rubens, Josh Jared, James Longhill
Director: Blacky Mendez

#8 - Inside Job:
Cast: Bryan Moore, Leo Marco, Billy Rubens, Ethan White, McKensie Cross, Lucas Davidson
Director: Blacky Mendez

#9 - Losing It:
Cast: Billy Rubens, Lyle Boyce, Zac West, Cody Reed, Domy Nick, Aaron Aurora
Director: Blacky Mendez
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