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What is the number one present you ask for around the holiday season?
Butt plug? Handcuffs? Year long membership to your favorite bathhouse?
Top of my list: something white, young and good looking. Lil' whiteboi Bastian
is an out-of-control black cock slut Dano found at a hip night club in LA. As soon
as Dano saw Bastian, he knew someone that would abesolutly love him �
SOLOMON!!! So as a holiday suprise, Dano sits Solomon down to present his
whiteboi treat. But by the end of the scene, we don't know who enjoyed who the
most. What did Bastian get for his present? How does a mouthful of "chocolate
mousse" and a "pearl necklace" sound?

Our newest Boi is Demarcus. He's 18 a quite nervous. He was on the swim team
in school and so were a few black studs. Ever since he seen what they had swinging
between their legs he's wanted it. So we hook him up with one of our newest black
studs, Jason. When Jason drops his pants Demarcus is not disappointed by ANY means.
He's got one of the nicest, uncut, thick black cocks around...and Demarcus wastes no
time going to work on it.

Dillon...Our newest white boi here at BlacksOnBoys.com reminds me of a guy I
know down at a local record store. His name is Joe and they both have the same
style of haircut...I think the proper term for this hairstyle is called a "canopener" if I
remember correctly. Enough talk about Joe and back to Dillon who is ready and eager
to be be topped by our in-house black stallion, Tyrese, who has no problem delivering
the goods. In fact, Tyrese has quite the time with Dillon, forcing him into a pair of
womens panties, which later Tyrese stuffs into his mouth to shut him up while he
stuffs another of Dillons holes!

D-Vine and Kody Rean
The look on Kody Rean's face tells of a white boy who knows he's in for a world of
black cock pleasure. D vine spat some game at the timid white boy and before you
could say "poor little white boy" he was at the mercy of big black cock. Take a good
hard look at Kody's cheeks expanding as his mouth houses the biggest black dick this
side of the tracks. Making sure his black boy toy was pleased was this white boy's only
priority and he did that by inviting him to plow his white ass until his eyes rolled to the
back of his head. Watching D Vine destroy that ass is a thing of wonder since his little
cracker's asshole didn't fall off after what seemed an eternity of pummeling. This
bareback interracial encounter ends with D Vine dropping his thug juice all over any
bare patch of white skin in his possession.

Jordan Pierce and Black Lion
Black Lion is on the powl in this weeks BlacksOnBoys.com update. Our crew is driving
the streets of Atlanta looking for some hott white ass when the find a little cutie
named Jordan Pierce. With a little small talk he's easily persuaded into the car and back
to the fuck pad. Jordan waste no more time with small talk and drops right down to his
knees and gobbles down Black Lions big, black cock. After a good feeding of black dick
Jordan eagerly gets on all fours and offers up his perfect round white ass. Black Lion
takes full advantage of Jordans offering and gives him the puonding the both were
looking for.

Park Wiley 2 - BAREBACK
Park Wiley joins us this week at BlacksOnBoys.com and he's looking for two things.
1) He recently got into a car accident and is looking to make some quick cash to get
back on the road. 2) He's totally hot for some hot, bareback, black cock action. All I
can say is he came to the right place for both his needs. No sooner than he can state
his case Billy Long and BlackHawk walk in and stuff their nicely sized black dicks into
his mouth which gobbles down both monster black cocks eagerly. After a good amount
of double dick sucking he offers himself up to the first taker...BlackHawk. He has no
problem sliding in his lubed up chocolate fuck stick into Parks' accepting hole...the rest
you will just have to watch for yourselves. Enjoy!

Peter 2
Once again we have a white boi lost in the city who needs to make some fast cash.
And here at BlacksOnBoys.com there's only one way to do that. Peter finds himself
face to face with none other than the mighty Hole Hunter himself. Wait until you see
how much mercy he gives Peter when he tells him his sob story about how he needs
some money. Hole Hunter is willing to give him some money but Peter has to be willing
to do something in return...well, actually it doesn't matter if Peter is willing or
not...that's why he's called the Hole Hunter.

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