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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-06-25 |

Director: Pony Hunter
Producer: Paul Morris
Released: June 13, 2013

Exclusives: Drew Sebastian, Jack Allen
Starring: Blue Bailey, Shane, Blake Daniels, Dominic Sol, Chris Perry, Danny Blue, James Roscoe, Race, and more!

I'm a born-to-it, dyed-in-the-wool manhole worshiper. From a very early age I took every chance I could get to bury my tongue deep, slurping men's butt-holes. And believe me, I didn't neglect lifting my legs to let guys get a good deep taste of my own butt.

So when Paul asked me if I wanted to make a rimming vid, I jumped at the chance. And BUTT SNACK is the result, my very first effort to celebrate the fine manly art of ass-licking. So I hope you'll kick back, grab your dick and join me in getting lost in the ass-mouth all-man connection.

The first ass-munch scene I ever shot. I couldn’t have asked for more With BLUE BAILEY and TIM exclusive JACK ALLEN. These studs both have a deep hunger for gorging on man-ass. Their epic hole-slurpin' 69 action is a basic how-to of man-munch mania. Lick it, dude!

Think straight men aren't curious about their bung-holes? Wrong. It's just that their girlfriends won't oblige them. They think it's too "nasty". You'll see this guy's confused face when SHANE's tongue starts to explore his virgin boy-hole. Then it's like a light-bulb goes on and he opens right up. True story: you'll see what happens when the dude's girlfriend calls (she doesn't know what's going on) and he takes the call while SHANE keeps on licking his ass.

BLAKE DANIELS has one of those big bountiful butts that you could spend a year worshiping and eating. So when DOMINIC SOL let me know that he wanted to "go to town" on a big white ass, I knew what to do. Only problem? How to fuckin' pry them apart afterward!

One of the really great things about working at TIM is that I get to do special favors for my good buddies. So when my friend CHRIS called up hungry to taste ass, and I was just interviewing a fresh-faced "straight" military man, I knew what to do. CHRIS munches that military butt with so much pleasure he ends up squirting a load onto the other dude's bunghole. Ha ha! (The military guy asked us to protect his identity--he's not "out" on-base--so we put a bar over his eyes.) CHRIS told me later that licking his own jizz-load off of this guy's tasty ass was one of the finest meals he's ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

A blissed-out bisexual redhead loved having his tight furry hole tongued by one of my favorite butt-snacking black dudes. His pale legs high in the air, the ginger is in ecstasy as the stud devours his hole and drops a load on the quivering pale flesh. "First time a guy's sperm has touched me there, man, " is what the ginger lad told me afterward. Do I believe him? Yeah. I do. "Baby steps," I thought to myself. "Baby steps."

JAMES ROSCOE is what I call an ass-eating pig. He was born for it. Wasting no time on introductions, JAMES plunges his face between DANNY BLUE’s big, fleshy nether-cheeks. Savoring the tasty hole and driving DANNY wild. JAMES gets all worked up, shoots a load and licks up every drop. Then he "snowballs" it, sharing the pleasure with DANNY.

I shot this scene in the bathroom after-hours at the Eagle in Portland, Oregon. I put together TIM Exclusive DREW SEBASTIAN and a local filth pig named RACE, who enthusiastically jumps on DREW's hole. DREW's dirty dominant side came out, and he verbally abused poor RACE, squatting on the Portland pig's face, then forcing the bottom to lick the filthy public toilet squeaky clean. This scene might go a little too far for some of you guys, but the man-play is real, hard and dirty. "Good pig!"

Like I said, this is my first effort for all you ass-eating aficionados. I've been an ass-licker since I was a wee boy out in the backwoods. It's one of the big, big passions of my life. I hope by watching this vid you get to enjoy with me the world-class pleasures of savoring man-hole.

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