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Original upload: 2012-02-05 |
He's 22 years old and is a masseur, who loves working out and playing video games! Brian has played both sides of the field, but prefers to be with men! After the interview, Brian is ready to rock his and your world. He removes his t-shirt and begins rubbing himself, removing his shorts while sporting a sexy pair of boxer briefs, which fill out nice. The briefs come off and Brian gets down to business; lubing up and inserting his cock in and out of a Fleshjack while massaging his balls. Leaning back he shows you his throbbing hole. Now on the chair, facing rear, Brian pulls his meat downward. Next he uses a soccer ball to add to his stimulation collection. Nearing the finale, Brian holds the ball in his left hand and his cock in the right, announcing he's about to cum. He squirts a streaming load across the soccer ball, rubbing that cum all over the ball with his tool!
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