Kurap Tagalog film

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DescriptionKurap is a Filipino or Tagalog word for blink.

Film director Ronaldo M. Bertubin was able to show the different facets of the film title in Philippine setting featuring the less-fortunate people of the society.

As the little girl, Luchie (Ashley Rhain Arca) , narrated at the beginning of the film, they belong to the 'walking dead people' of this country. Numbness of true feelings is often experienced by the poor in order to ignore hunger, apathy and disgust each day. She is suffering from the early stages of glaucoma, an eye disease that threatens her childhood into darkness as she slowly losses here eyesight.

Luchie, in the story, is the younger sister of Ambet (Sherwin Ordonez). In her young mind, she had already seen the harshness of living in the big city of Metro Manila, especially in the notorious locations in Quiapo, Recto and Divisoria.

The story line featured glimpses of such places. In Quiapo, you can easily browse on the knock-off or fake/cinema-copied/scandal DVD movies that you can buy for only P100.00 pesos per three or even four pieces. Recto is notorious for people who are faking documents, that's why it is dubbed as "Recto University." Divisoria is a flea market that is also a haven for petty thieves.

The videographer Marlon (Jojit Lorenzo) was able to lure Ambet to tip him regarding the illegal activities in the said places. Police authorities were able to capture and jail down the friends of Ambet that were conducting illegal activities.

His friends will suspect Ambet and vengeance will be the end of the two connivers in the story.

As for the casting, my attention is for Sherwin Ordonez and Jojit Lorenzo who are already making their names in the mainstream of the movie industry.

The destiny of Lucy revolves around Ambet and Marlon. If you're curious to know what happened to her, you can watch the movie at home by renting it at the nearest video rental store. I am doing it right now. With lots of promos and rebates, I can always have a movie marathon every weekend.

Now, that indie films are gaining attention, the show business and its personalities will always have a fall back plans, the main showbiz industry collapse.

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