♺ Wrestling 1 + Wrestling 2 (AKA Wrestling Meat 1=2) [HIS-Tony Prince -- Bijou] REMASTERED *WRESTLING*

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I saId I'd get my squeezing little paws on the versions and they are finally here!

These are the remastered versions of a previous post of mine.


The first, Wrestling 1 also has some other extras put in the beginning before Wrestling Meat:  The Boy Next Door - 1982 and a Ted Powers solo.

Not sure why they are there, other than they are stars in the last movie.

It's subjective as to whether or not you believe the remastered versions are better.
Personally, I don't like it when "antigues get sanded" unless it's done with respect.
I also noticed that they chopped off the end of Wrestling Meat 2 so I included it from the VHS as an extra.

Who knows? Perhaps I'll get a couple of pristine VHS tapes of my own and see what I cn do.

For now, I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

One footnote:

I often ranted about how much I wanted to be the one who scissors Chris Burns in both movies.

Sad to say that won't happen as he passed on in the 90's from AIDS Related Complications.

You can read more about him and other porn stars that have passed on since here: hxxp://ken7vic.tripod.com/kenspersonalwebsite/id25.html

But who knows?
Maybe if there is a heaven, they have wrestling mats?

Yours on the mat,

Movieboy AKA "Squeezer"!

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