♺ The Seducers [First Class Male Peter Hunter]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-01 by unknown |

This was not my VHS Rip, but the work of another.

Still, it's personal to me as the producer/director, Peter Hunter, was actually a friend of mine many years ago.  He's since passed on from a very tragic end so any of his work I can pass on that would otherwise be lost is my own way of keeping a little part of him living.

And he was GOOD at what he did.

To quote Adrian of Alane Video,

"First off, let me confess to having a soft spot for the films of Peter Hunter and First Class Male. They invariably take me back to a more innocent and carefree time – plus I generally find the models he recruited, while young, to be VERY appealing."

It's hard to add to that!

I could only make a trailer for him if you'd like to view it (streamed from my own site)

I hope you enjoy his work as much as did I.

Info below, details in the NFO file (For the techies!)


Seducers (The) [First Class Male]



All this and more spell a good time in this latest release from FIRST CLASS MALE. Young boy/men beauty from photographer Peter Hunter. Always good, always hot!

Meet Keith, a door-to-door magazine salesman. Meet Jerry, about to buy more than just a subscription to a magazine. These two young men erupt in sexual action as emotions are uncapped in this opening scene of seduction and unleashed passion.

T.J. the pizza delivery man is next. More than just hunger is satisfied when Jeromy opens the door to this young, attractive seducer.

Jerry and Jeromy get it on in the next action sequence as teh big Jeromy rides Jerry's cute little ass to exhaustion.

Stars: Keith Bradshaw, T.J., Brian, Jeromy (a.k.a. Paul Michaels)

Director: Peter Hunter

Released: 1989


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