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Mitch Colby vs Derek DaSilva Wrestling

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DescriptionThings haven't exactly gone the way Mitch Colby envisioned when he became a BGEast wrestler. The hours he spent in the gym building and defining his impressive muscles, the strict attention to his diet and exercise regimen, his priavte 'training' sessions with members of The Leopard's Lair, all, in his mind, should have made him a champion. But match after match ended with Mitch on the losing end?which only sent him back to the weight room determined to build his muscles even bigger and stronger and back into the ring with the meanest of the Lair. He started calling himself "The Body," and while his fitness modeling gigs increased, his success in the arena remained at the same unsatisfactory level. Mitch does have a natural affinity for wrestling, and he certainly has the size and power, but there's always been a sense that his opponent wanted the win more than he did. And with each successive loss, some painfully close, his frustration continued to grow?and needed an outlet before it completely boiled over.

Derek DaSilva likes pain. In fact, he likes it a lot. He likes to feel it, he likes to experience it, and he really likes to share it. His wrestling methodology is simple: "You better hurt me before I hurt you." And he's got the credentials and power to back up what he says. He can also take a lot of pain, which makes him a formidable foe. A hold or blow that would leave another man writhing on the mat in enormous pain and probably immediate defeat only whets Derek's appetite and motivates him still further to get up and return the favor. A wrestler like Derek is difficult to scout or prepare for?because the game plan can only be "I have to hurt him, over and over again?and I can't let him hurt me." It can also be enormously frustrating to land a blow that would level anyone else, only to have Derek smile slyly back at you, as though to say, "Is that all there is?"

Strength and power, combined with a need to succeed, versus an appetite for pain, combined with a desire to dominate, equals a legendary battle.Derek might not match the power Mitch contains in his large muscles, but he has an instinct that so far has eluded Mitch in his matches?going for the jugular. He?s also a skilled wrestler and competitive grappler, as Mitch soon finds out! Taking the big man down and controlling him with a reverse chinlock, Derek starts talking smack and smacking ass?even slipping Mitch?s trunks down a bit. ?Oh, a thong, thong, thong!? Derek taunts with a malevolent grin, as he tugs the thong further up between Mitch's butt crack. ?Isn?t this nice?? Derek strips the trunks off Mitch, who has now had it and loses his temper. ?Oh, that how you want to play, you little bitch?? He sneers as he slaps a head scissors on the tattooed thug. But sweaty Derek slips away and gets a brutal headlock on Mitch?who reverses and returns the favor. Derek throws some punches on Mitch?s abs and pecs, but Mitch stands his ground and just laughs - until Derek smothers Mitch?s face into his sweaty crotch! A cake-walk for Mitch? Um, no, I don't think so!

The mat battle continues, with both bodies becoming drenched in sweat as they fight on until Derek manages to make big Mitch submit. Flush with the confidence of victory, Derek continues his taunts of the big man, ?C'mon! Punch my abs, muscle man! Give it your best!? Derek even puts his hands behind his back and offers his torso! Mitch lands a few good blows, and they trade off, and the match becomes a sweaty gut-punch challenge until Derek 'cheats', tying Mitch up and mercilessly punches Mitch?s abs until he is wincing in pain and rolling away in retreat from a flexing, taunting Derek. Derek comes back after Mitch?s abs again, clawing and punching, growing more and more confident until Mitch traps him in a banana split?and starts patting then slapping and even pounding away at Derek?s balls! Not content with that, he bends the tattooed tough's hot hard dick back between his legs and bends and twists it! Cockfight anyone?

Who knew Mitch had such a sadistic streak? The vicious mat war continues?getting uglier and nastier with each hold and each passing moment?.who can handle the punishment enough to come out as the winner of this sick, twisted and very sexy game of abuse?
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