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MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – The Calling

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DescriptionElder Sorensen has been in a lot of unusual positions during his service as a Mormon missionary, but none stranger than finding himself buck naked on all fours on top of President Nelson’s desk.
Not that he minds. The boy is proud to have been called to undergo this inspection preparatory to his membership in The Order.
And as the handsome older man inspects his body, the boy is confident he’ll pass this test.
He has never had any problem pleasing the boys and men in the mission, and although President Nelson wears a perfect poker face, Sorensen knows the man must be turned on by his lean body and his hairless hole.
Sorensen is turned on, too. The man’s hands are enormous, and every time they touch his naked flesh, the boy’s skin tingles.
President Nelson pays particular attention to the boy’s hole, which has earned him quite a reputation among The Order as a tease.
Elder Sorensen is quite pleased with his hole, too. He recently bottomed for the very first time, and he had been worried that he wouldn’t like it or, even worse, wouldn’t be able to perform.
But, although it had been difficult, he had successfully taken President Oaks’s thick dick in his virgin butt.
And now he feels like he is up to any challenge. But when President Nelson finally takes off his expensive suit, and Elder Sorensen sees the outline of his massive cock in his sacred undergarments, the boy has second thoughts.
He had never imagined a dick could be so big, let alone that it could be inserted in his tight hole.
Elder Sorensen is happy to kneel and take the tasty cock in his mouth, but the whole time he worries about sitting on that dick. He wants to impress President Nelson, but part of him is terrified the giant thing will split him in two.
But he has been trained to obey his priesthood leaders.
When the time comes for Sorensen to submit himself to Nelson’s monster cock, he reluctantly mounts the man and slowly, slowly lowers himself onto it.
The dick opens the boy so wide that it takes his breath way. His eyes roll back and he has to clench his jaw to prevent himself from fainting.
But after the initial shock, his hole becomes accustomed to the cock.
It even starts to feel good. Fantastic, even.
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