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ZACK Beautiful Black Boy

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DescriptionZACK Beautiful Black Boy

Part 1 Playtime: 15:09

Jared’s master sends him out to find a “beautiful black boy.” When he sees Zack on the basketball court, throwing hoops by himself, he knows he has his boy: Zack is 19 or 20, with a boyish face, smooth skin, and a lean, muscular body. The kid is wearing tiny athletic shorts and a sleeveless shirt. His shorts bulge provocatively; clearly he has a big cock. He moves well and flashes a nice six pack when he jumps.
An hour later, Zack is gagged, blindfolded and displayed on a perforated table, his arms and legs literally wired in place. His cock has hardened and is ready to burst from his shorts. “Vice nice,” says Jared’s master when he enters the dungeon and gropes the helpless boy.

Part 2 Playtime: 15:46

Zack remains fixed to a steel table, thin wires digging into his flesh, holding down his arms and legs. A natural exhibitionist, his dick got rock hard, despite his fear, when he felt like he was being displayed, but now his dick has gone flaccid, if still huge. The pain is just too much. Then the man removes his blindfold and gag. Zack blinks in the sudden light.
“Where am I? Who are you?” he blurts out, only to get a violence smack on his stomach in reply. The man continues to beat him – then things get even worse, as clothes pins are placed on his nipple, then his biceps and even his navel!

Part 3 Playtime: 15:39

Zack’s legs remain wired to the table, but now he is hoisted up into a sitting position, arms high over his head, his huge black-boy cock bursting through his waistband. The site of such a beautiful boy strung-up and completely vulnerable makes the man crazy. He tears into the kid’s lean, young body with the whip. “Hey, boy, do you know what the most sensitive part of the human body is?” the man asks as he pulls off Zack’s socks. “I don’t know,” the poor kid mumbles. He’s about to get a demonstration, as the bare soles of his bare feet are whipped with the flogger.

Part 4 Playtime: 15:39

When Zack sees the man hang up the flogger used to whip his body and his feet, he dares hope his ordeal might be over. Silly boy. The man is merely switching to a crop – the whip used by jockey’s to get a horse to sprint. This nasty little whip feels even more painful as it smacks Zack’s soles. Despite being exhausted, he squeals and squirms but can do nothing to avoid the pain. The man cruelty only worsens. He attaches small, biting clips to the boy’s nipples and whips his torso. This is the life of a pain slave.

Part 5 Playtime: 17:46

Zack can’t help himself. He stands nearly naked in the dungeon, directly in front of the man in charge, with the younger man behind him. He feels their eyes on him. He knows his body gives them pleasure – and his cock begins to harden, again. It’s fat and thick, nearly breaking through the top of his small workout shorts. Then the young one starts to fondle him and his cock gets even harder, even though he’s terrified by the heavy, wooden beam hanging behind his shoulders. He knows the beam will be used to torture him, but he doesn’t know how. Then the young guy spreads his arms along the beams and starts to wrap them with tape. Oh God.

Part 6 Playtime: 14:03

Yesterday, Zack with a typical American young man, playing hoops at the local park in his own neighborhood. He had a girl friend and plans for college. Now he lies naked and alone in a cold, dark dungeon, with nothing but a raggy old bath towel as a blanket. He curls up in a fetal position on the rag all night but gets little sleep, the steel cuffs on his wrists and ankles making the cold floor even less comfortable. Now the muscular young man is fondling his body. He’s hauled up on his knees – and his cock starts to stiffen, again. He can’t understand why he gets so easily aroused, but it turns on his captors, who can’t seem to keep their hands of his big, black cock. Now he will be whipped, before being fed or even given water. So is the life of a pain slave.

Part 7 Playtime: 14:45

Slave boy Zack is hauled up onto his feet, fully stretched, arms high over his head, steel handcuffs digging into his wrists. Then the muscular young man reappers, shirtless, his body rippling with power. Zack can’t belief how robotic the young man is, whipping him expertly but with complete indifference, with just the hint of a grin, like an expert craftsman quietly appreciating his skill. The flogger stikes him all over – along his ribs, on his petruding ass, across his stomach and back. He knows the man watching him likes seeing his lean, athetic body stretched like this, every muscle quivering with the pain of the whip, his gleaming white teeth flashing as he screams, his thick cock and full balls bouncing with each blow. Then he’s cranked up even higher, up on his tip toes. Oh God, it hurts.

Part 8 Playtime: 17:41

Zack is chained down on his back on a long, wood table. A steel cuff encases the base of his cock and balls, holding the blood in his swollen, erect cock. His ankles are chained down between two steel springs, about 10 inches apart. He doesn’t know what the springs are for, but then the muscular young man attaches an electrode to the steel ring. “What’s that!?” he exclaims. He finds out when he tormentor attaches the other electrode to the spring: He must hold his legs up or be electrocuted! It’s extremely hard to hold up his legs – and then they start whipping his feet! When the electro-torture is done, Zack discovers the real purpose of the long table: It is a rack!

Part 9 Playtime: 16:15

Zack is racked hard, his body stretched to what he is sure is its breaking point. His shoulders feel like they will pop out of their sockets. But the expert torturing him knows better. He knows the body of such a young, fit boy can be stretched even further without inflicting serious damage – just greater agony – so he turns the crank another full turn. Even in total agony, Zack’s big cock gets hard again. And if being racked weren’t bad enough, Zack’s stretched body is whipped with the flogger. Torturing this boy is just too fun to stop. When Zack is finally freed from the rack’s chains, his studly tormentor works that huge slave-boy cock until it busts a huge load of cum.


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