BUB - Wrong House

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DescriptionAnthony has been casing one of the nicer homes in the neighborhood for weeks now. One day, after noticing the pickup truck usually parked outside is gone, Anthony gains enough courage to break in. Little does he know that Aiden is actually home – and has a basement full of whips and chains! As a matter of fact, Aiden can’t believe his luck; its like a bondage slave special delivery. “I just needed some money, man,” Anthony tries to explain. But strong, young Aiden doesn’t want to hear it. He grabs the skinny burglar, binding him by his wrists to his favorite bondage pole, then grabs his favorite crop. “What are you doing?” Anthony asks, trembling with fear. “You’ll find out!” Master Aiden replies coldly. Then comes the punishment. With the thick concrete walls of the dungeon muffling Anthony’s screams, Aiden strips his new boy toy and whips him relentlessly, turning his pale skin a dark red. “You’ve broken into the wrong house!” Aiden tells the boy, who’s just begun to realize how true that statement is.

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