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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-03-27 |
Massive Studio's "Trucker"

(Iphone tested - PC, DVR, PS3 ready)

Chris Steele plays a sadistic trucker with abduction and slavery on his
mind, as he kidnaps hot guys and makes them his sex slaves. This super
hot cast of ten guys marks the debut of Tony Mecelli, and scored a
GayVN nomination for best three-way with Rob Romoni, Joe Foster, and
Filippo Romano.
Chris Steele puts a different twist on that 60s phrase. For him it's
"Keep on Fuckin.'" He does more than his share in Trucker, along with a
slew of other hot, hairy hunks and a few smoothies. A sometime big rig
driver, Trucker (Chris) has a sideline as big daddy of a harem of men
he's collected on the road. His newest find is hitchhiking. Land is a gorgeous
stud whom he picks up and deposits in what's to become his new home,
a garage where nine other guys already live and Trucker satisfies their
every need.

Giving Land an orientation tour, Foster shows him how they are:
Fed (sandwiches thrown in their laps),
Clothed (skimpy articles of clothing tossed at them as they stand naked),
Bathed (Trucker heaves buckets of water on them) and, mostly, fucked.

Land wants to know if anyone ever tries to escape. Foster says there is
no escaping, but asks "Why would anyone want to leave?" Trucker later
tells Land he can walk away if he's not begging for more after their first
fuck, and by then Land has no reservations about staying

This film is one of Chris Steele's final performances, and is undoubtedly
one of his best ever.


Chris Steele, Filippo Romano, Rob Romoni,
Jason Land, Ross Taylor, Joe Foster,
Tony Mecelli, Carlo Cox, Greg McCord,
Arik Travis 
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