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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-01-13 |
Teens-Boys-World's 78th video, this time starring Ramil & Zaki. Not surprisingly Ramil's penis makes its way into Zaki's mouth and anus (but you already knew that would happen, didn't you?). There's also a lovely life-affirming, feelgood (& delicious) facial at the end of this vid.

This video is so new that it has not yet been officially released by TBW. (For those who don't know, TBW release new videos in 4 parts, 1 part being released per week. After all 4 parts have been released, they release the complete video the following week). At the time of writing only the first 3 parts of this video have been released to their members. However please note that this is not the HD version (as far as I am aware no-one, other than TBW, has that version yet).


Some of you love TBW's younger looking models and many of you will know that I'm calling their latest model (Andy) the "new Ugo". Some of you will also be aware that I have asked those who want Andy's gallery to be uploaded here to vote for one of his scenarios in the Fantasy TBW Game, along with at least 4 other fantasies. Just 7 people need to vote this way for me to upload Andy's gallery. However given how lazy some of you are that may be too much... (Of course that criticism is not directed to those who expend some effort, as some of you do, to either show appreciation and/or give stuff back to others via this site).

As Ugo is the most popular TBW model and some of his fans I have spoken to agree with my assessment of him as the "new Ugo", I can't believe that there are not loads of you who will appreciate this lad's charms. You can check out some sample pics of him on the following page (and begin voting whilst you're there):


I have also included a collage I made with some of his pics here:


Despite all this only 3 people have so far voted to see more of Andy. If you're relying on other people voting for you, don't! There have been almost 1200 views of the Fantasy Game (more than any other in the forum) and yet only 3 votes for Andy!

IMPORTANT: I will not be counting any votes for his gallery to be uploaded placed more than 1 week after I have uploaded this torrent, so if  you want to see more of Andy, you need to vote now!

Thinking that someone else will upload his gallery if I don't? Whilst that's certainly a possibility, many will remember that there was a period of well over a year when not one single new TBW video or photo was uploaded here. Many will also remember how gtru suddenly stopped operating several months back. Like many of you, I pray that never happens again (I was soooooo sad when it looked like we had lost this site), but sadly we can never be sure that this won't happen again, so if you want to be sure of getting Andy's gallery either vote now (or support TBW by becoming a paying member).

To vote to get Andy's gallery, simply click on the "Thumbs Up" icon below the posts that you think are the sexiest in the Fantasy TBW Game (making sure that at least one of your votes is for a fantasy involving Andy - there's currently 4 of them).

VOTE WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK OR RISK NEVER SEEING ANDY'S GALLERY! (Of course I recommend that you play it safe and  vote now whilst you're thinking about it)


(For those who are nervous about voting, please note that other users of gtru *cannot* see which particular posts you have "liked". They can only see which users have posted discussions that you have liked, but they cannot see what those discussions were (or indeed what forums they were in). They can however see the number of "likes" that any post has received, but not which users clicked on the "like" (aka "Thumbs up") icon for that post). If you have questions or concerns about voting, please send me a private message.

Want More TBW Material?

(With the exception of Andy's gallery), I'll keep uploading new (as well as unavailable) TBW material as long as enough guys show their appreciation by doing at least one of the following:

* click the button to say "thanks" (very easy)

* leave a comment to personally say "thanks" (very polite)

* kindly give me some of your seed bonus (very generous)

* add a fantasy (or few) to the Fantasy Teens-Boys-World Game (very horny)

To add your own fantasy to the Fantasy Game, click here: https://forum.gaytorrent.ru/index.php?topic=18206.0

Your fantasy can be as short or as long as you want. Single sentence fantasies are welcome. Continuing stories are also welcome! You can include any relevant horny pics with your fantasy, but this is not necessary. Just remember, if including boys who are not TBW models, say where your boys are from (eg which porn studio, TV program, or boyband, etc).

'Thank You"s

As usual a huge "thank you" goes to all the people who have made this upload possible, including the very sexy Zaki & Ramil :)

Any seed bonus you can spare is very gratefully received :)

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