Jet Set - Big Dick Mechanics - DVD-R (2010)

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"Big Dick, the mega-hung mechanic who runs the auto repair shop of the same name, knows what his customers and employees want, and insist they get and give it – the best service around. Josh Logan as Big Dick certainly lives up to his name, as does everyone he seems to encounter in Jet Set Jock's Big Dick Mechanics. Andrew Blue, Dylan Roberts and Josh set the standard, and are well matched with the hot bodies and big dicks of Kevin Cavalli. Mark Talon, Cameron Marshall, Christian Wilde, Ryan Rush, Tucker Vaughn, Paul Wagner and the boldly tattooed Italian stallion Santos. Lube jobs lead quickly to full service for these mechanics and their customers. Award-winning director John Bruno maneuvers the studs, as they work to satisfy one other, while GayVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Steele oversees the film as executive producer.

Big Dick (Josh Logan) is the owner of this full service auto repair shop. He's proud that his guys know what the customers want and need. Kevin's customer is Andrew who wants to see Big Dick. But Kevin assures him Big Dick has taught him everything and that he can help him. There is nothing wrong with the car, but Andrew insists on seeing Big Dick. Kevin gets Andrew's big dick out and strokes it. Andrew's shirt comes off and his pants go down, and Kevin goes to work on Andrew's dick, sucking and licking it. It feels good. "This is what I call good service." Kevin asks him, "Is this the kind of service you wanted?" Kevin takes his shirt off and his pants down, while Andrew strips the rest of the way. Andrew goes down on his knees to suck Kevin's equally big cock, while stroking his own at the same time. There's a little chokin' with the strokin' from Andrew, as he bobs up and down on Kevin's cock and licks his balls as well. Kevin lies back in a chair to get his ass worked on, with Andrew alternating between eating his ass and sucking his dick. With a leg spread out up on the desk, Kevin is ready for Andrew to turn around and straddle him, sliding Kevin's dick up his ass and bouncing up and down on it. "Aw fuck that ass, ah yeah, ah yeah," he moans. He's forgotten all about his car. Andrew lies on his back on the desk, one leg in the air so that Kevin can stand and slam his big dick into him. "Fuck me just like that," he says, getting just what he wanted and cums getting fucked. He then sits down on the floor to take Kevin face fucking his mouth and finally cumming on his chest.

Josh boasts that his guys "go that extra mile," and indeed they do. Mechanic Mark Talon breaks the news to Cameron Marshall that he needs a new transmission and that it will likely take all night. Mark knows that Cameron is short of cash, so he offers his couch to sleep on while they work on his car. But first he offers his big dick to relieve Cameron's tension. So Cameron drops to his knees and sucks on Mark. "How do you like that big dick?" the mechanic asks, pushing Cameron's head all the way down. Mark then lies back on the couch with his legs spread wide, so Cameron can eat his ass, and suck more on his balls and dick. Cameron loves eating his ass hole. He then stands, his pants down and his shirt off, while Mark kneels on the couch to suck his dick. Cameron pulls Mark's tank top off. Cameron really likes Mark's ass, so Mark turns around to let Cameron shove his dick in. He loves getting fucked. Cameron then sits on the couch, so Mark can sit on his dick, all the way down, up to the hilt. Cameron runs his hands over Mark's body and dick as he fucks him from beneath. Mark finally stands and jacks his dick, shooting over Cameron's chest. He then sits on the couch to let loose his load.

Big Dick pops in to say that he wants his customers to be 100% satisfied, which has certainly not been a problem up until now, but always worth a reminder. Customer Dylan Roberts enters complaining about a dildo that mechanic Christian Wilde apparently left in his back seat. Christian responds saying, "I thought you could use something besides that stick you're got shoved up your ass." Dylan drops to his knees and immediately goes down on Christian's big dick. His cock keeps growing, as Dylan sucks harder and longer. Christian puts Dylan up on a tool bench and sucks his dick. "You are a professional, aren't you?" Dylan remarks. Christian wants his ass eaten out, so he bends over to let Dylan work on his hole while stroking his own dick at the same time. Dylan then lies back on a tire with his legs in the air, so Christian can work that found dildo up his ass. In and out it goes to open Dylan's hole, and then he drives in the real thing. Then Dylan stands and bends over so Christian can really pound his ass. "Oh God, your dick's so fucking big!" He shouldn't have been surprised - big dicks come with the territory. Dylan finally lies back, jacks his dick and cums. Christian stands over him and finishes himself off.

Big Dick makes an unusual suggestion to start this scene: "Get a little wet, to make you and your car happy!" And so mechanic Santos, horsing around, sprays water on customer Tucker Vaughn. Another mechanic Ryan Rush hustles the two inside. Tucker, immediately on his knees, sucks on Ryan's big cock as it emerges from his open jump suit. The muscular tattooed Italian Santos has his thick dick out too, so Tucker goes back and forth between the two sucking, even attempting to walrus the two at once. Santos lies back in a tire sling with Ryan holding his legs spread wide, so that Tucker can eat his ass. They eventually switch places and Santos munches on Ryan's ass. Then Tucker bends over so that Ryan can fuck him from the rear, as Tucker sucks on Santos. Tucker has a big hard-on throughout, dangling between his legs. Tucker then gets on the tire sling to let Santos pound his butt and jack his dick, his own muscular ass on display as he pounds away. Ryan wants some more of Tucker's pucker hole, so he moves to some piled tires and lets Ryan go at his ass with his legs spread eagle in the air. Ryan fucks Tucker, and strokes Santos at the same time. Tucker finally shoots on his stomach and then kneels down, so first Ryan and then Santos can spray their cum on his chest.

This last scene stars Big Dick himself. He brags that he and his guys are highly skilled and use their tools with extreme precision. He comes up behind his new mechanic Paul Wagner, a macho and muscular stud. An engine is overheating, but Josh suggests that they look under the hood. "Maybe all it needs is a good old-fashioned lube job." Josh gets his incredibly thick dick out for Paul to go down on. He not only gets his mouth around it, but manages to go take it all. Josh likes it, so well in fact, that maybe Paul "will have to stay late." Paul pulls his own big dick out as well and strokes it, while deep-throating Josh. "Wanna suck some fuckin' ass?" Josh asks. Paul likes the idea and immediately buries his face in his bosses butt. Before long, Paul bends over a nearby stool so Josh can push his pile driver of a dick in. It's huge, and doesn't just slip in. He pushes it in, rotates it around occasionally, and then fucks it all the way in. Paul than lies on his back on a pile of tires, and Josh continues to slam his ass, as Paul strokes his cock. Paul sits up and continues to jack off as Josh stands over him to send his load over Paul's hairy chest. Paul then finishes himself off. These Big Dick Mechanics give friendly service and leave no customer (or mechanic) unsatisfied. Big Dick's got it all worked out."

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