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♺ BadMasterBoys - The Youth Worker - Socks, Trampling, Kicks, Sneakers, Humilation, Spit

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-06 |
Alex used to be the leader of the youth group and he was very popular. But he has been sacked and now there is a new leader in town: Holger. When Holger steps in, he demands that there be no alcohol, no smoking and no smoking, Andre, Titian and Marcel aren�t happy about it. After a few terse words Holger is forced to the floor and has the life kicked out of him. �Now who�s the fucking leader� the three boys exclaim. While the victim is being kicked relentlessly he is having pints and pints of phlegm spewed onto his face. Master Titian and Master Andre repeatedly sit on the victim�s chest and blow spit into his mouth and Titian even crouches over the poor pig-man�s face and farts in his mouth. Because the youth leader also enforces a no junk food policy the boys take it upon themselves to force loads of food down his face! A hamburger is spat on and stuffed in his mouth. Ice cream is trampled on and forced into his mouth too. The whore begs for mercy and offers 20 Euros for release but the boys decide this isn�t enough and after all, their sneakers still have lots of mud on them. The pig submits and begins to worship the mud on their shoes he gets punched and when the sneakers come off he gets a rancid sock forced down his throat also. Master Marcel spits in his mouth more and Master Titian crushes the poor slave�s hands with his sneakers. After Titian steps on some curry sauce and demands that the pig licks it all off. The floor has started to get pretty dirty now with all this activity and Andre gets the idea that the slave should become a human mop so he forces the victim to act as a human mop licking all the shit off the floor. After getting tired the Masters sit back and put their feet up on a table the pig must worship all 6 sneakers and remove every piece of dirt to satisfy the master�s needs. Two red sneakers (Marcel), a pair of purple sneakers (Titian) and a pair of green sneakers (andre). The Masters are generous they allow the slave to pick a colour to begin with, in his mud eating. The victim chooses purple and that means Titian goes first. Holger can smell the sweat-drenched socks through the soles and he is completely intoxicated. In this new BMB trilogy we see how 3 BadMasterBoys can turn a youth leader into a pig within 60 seconds. Titian really flourishes in this production and we see a side of him we didn�t know existed. Make sure you take a look at the preview, the cameraman did an amazing job, he stayed close to all the sneaker action and manages to show all the sadistic facial expression of the cruel MasterBoys. Parts 2 and 3 have already been filmed and are in the editing process. Look out for them next week.

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