♺ Messin Around Scenes 3 4 and 5 (Defiant) 2002

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-19 |
Cast:  Anthony, Johnny B. Johnson, Seth, Brandon, Adam, Dillon, Derrick Hanson

Director:  Joe Serna

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 45 min

Year: 2002

Studio :  Defiant Productions


From the press notes, courtesy of Defiant Productions:
"Anthony has just returned from working out and he's feeling horny. Johnny's been relaxing all day with a few beers and he's feeling really horny. These two boys get naked real quick like, and Anthony goes to work sucking on Johnny's super hard dick. Johnny stands on the bed and pounds the young Latino's hot mouth with great force, but Anthony never gags or loses a beat, he just keeps sucking that big fat dick until Johnny pulls out and lets the cum fly all over the Latino twink's face.

Seth sits on the floor with a porno playing on the TV, rubbing his cock through his jeans until the zipper is about to bust open. He unbuckles, releases his snake, shakes it around for the camera, and grabs the lube. He strips off his sweatshirt, pulls down his jeans and makes some sloppy wet jerk off noises as he pounds the pud all the way to completion. A quick interview in the shower follows, as Seth soaps up and washes all the cum off his chest.

Seth and Brandon, two tough looking skater boys, are on the floor, leaning up against some black leather pillows with their cocks in hand. Seth is tugging away while staring at the girl on the porno as she gets impaled by some giant dong. Brandon however, is staring at Seth's dick. Without saying a word he leans over and takes Seth's cock in to his mouth. It's the first time Seth has ever had a guy suck his dick and it was kind of unexpected, but he warms up to the idea and lets Brandon continue to spit shine his purple helmet.

The next scene opens with Anthony and Adam clothed and talking about what they've been up to that day. Anthony has been riding his bike all over and Adam has been skating at a park. With the moaning slut in the background on TV, the guys are soon hard and Anthony goes to work practicing his oral skills. The two guys 69 for bit, then Anthony fucks Adam with a vibrator which he gets really in to. Anthony gets up on his knees and sprays jizz all over Adam's pecs. Adam jerks off while Anthony finger-fucks him and tells him to cum on his face. Adam unloads his balls across Anthony's cheek and lips and sighs with satisfaction.

Dereck comes into the bathroom to take a piss. Dillon's in the shower and hears Dereck. "You want some help with that," Dillon asks. "Pull those pants down and get your ass up on that counter." Dereck certainly doesn't object. He strips and jumps up on the sink counter and leans back as Dillon sucks him clean to the base of his shaft. The guys move to the bedroom where they suck, rim, and fuck. Dillon gets his ass plowed good in this scene.

DVD-only bonus scene:
Anthony complains about a sore back after working out that night and Brandon offers to massage him. "Just be gentle." Well that massage doesn't last very long. Brandon rolls him over and takes to slurping on his dick. The boys take turns sucking each other before it's time for Brandon to kick his skirt up and put his heels in the air. Ride 'em cowboy!"
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